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    WHO is our PLAFIT distributor in the USA? Who stocks all of the parts besides the distributor?

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    Call Roger Schmitt at Mid-America Raceway.

    He has the most recent design 1/32 and 1/24 chassis in stock (forgive me if I forget the name) and the F1's on order.


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      Hey Lindsey, you'll want to know exactly which chassis you're looking for. Plafit makes several, and there's a large price range. If you're looking for the Excel chassis (like what Mark, Mick and I raced in Chicago about a month ago), that's a more expensive and serious racing chassis. If you're looking for a chassis for kit-bashing, you'll spend quite a bit less. All of them are high quality, though!


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        PLAFIT Chassis

        The Grapevine says that the new soon to be released (in the USA) PLAFIT S24SLP is the chassis to look forward to; taking many races across the line in first place. I'm not sure what I'm looking for yet, exactly. I know that I'm/was really great with electric 1/10 and 1/12 R/C cars, in setup and racing road circuits. and Just like in R/C I don't want to start out with a Brand "T" Frog chassis and sink $600 into it to have what I could have had with just starting out with a Brand "P" RC10 Chassis. I'm making a move from KS to a town just outside Rohnert Park , CA where Slot Car Raceway is located...
        I want to get educated as to what is available, what prices and availability are and to be prepaired for getting started up shortly after I arrive. I don't know if they run a BRM series yet or not. I suppose it may seem I'm getting the cart in front of the horse, when in fact, I'm trying just to get my ducks in a to speak. Knowledge is the greatest tool...and this site IS my key to that knowledge. Since I'm nearly 56, retired and have my military pension/VA Disability I'm able to buy the toys I NEED just not all the ones I WANT. To know the chassis numbers and prices and availability for the big wooden tracks that they have in CA...would be a great start for me: Hence, my Thread... I should prefer to purchase my first GREAT chassis for racing before attempting my scratch building for future endeavors. I'm sure my building would not come close to the performance of an already time and racing tested/perfected prebuilt chassis... Not that I mind building a special chassis or several for my "Special" cars that I will eventually want to race or at least run around the track that look so awesome cool, neat-o, and Peachy keen.........


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          Frank "more cowbell" Sarkella is the owner of Slot Car Raceway in CA. He's a great guy and will be happy to steer your slot budget where it will do you the most good.

          I visited SCR for the 2008 USRA Scale Nats and as far as I know they are running USRA and ISRA-USA rules on their two tracks. There is no BRM, or IMCA (Plafit) racing from what I understand.

          The best thing that you could do once you are moved to CA is spend some time at the raceway to observe and learn. Once you feel comfortable with what's going on, then open your wallet.

          BTW- ask Frank to take you to that great watering hole that we ended up at several nites while I was visiting.