Here Kitty Kitty,

Initial testing shows a want of traction, reshodding to commence.
Stock tires (once broken in) can roll off the rim. Gluing the rear
tires will hold them in place. Stock tires rolled over Duct Tape can
give two or three laps of higher traction. After many laps of this
treatment, a fast line develops in the track.
The modified Jag will be powered by a 18v Bison, current weights
on the mod Jag is 163 grams, stock Jag weighs 165.5 grams.
The mod Jag has around 28 grams removed, (driver/interior/lights/
few little bits add up) and I put the weight back in the form of lead
sheet flat to the chassis pan. Chassis lowered to .048 clearance.

Driver is a Resilient Resin, by Doug Haynes up in beautiful Eugene/
Springfield, Oregon. The Jewels of the Willamette Valley. The
compound in which the driver figures are molded is easy to work
and takes the paint. My skills are improving, but as you can see,
my hand is a bit shakey.