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PROXY RACING 1/24TH SCALE hardbodies (only)

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    I think this thread could easily be the beginning of a 1/24 World Proxy Race.

    I posted this in the other topic re 1/24 Challenge.

    would suggest spec the tire sizes, spec the body complete, spec the motor then let people build and adjust the Momo, Pla Fit and TSRF Chassis. I would gladly host a round or 2.

    I think you should allow in SlotCar Chassis and Pro Track, any other makers lets list them.

    Spec the body ( all identical ) and this will be a true test of chassis design and flexibility.

    Just my thoughts

    Alan Smith
    SCI Owner.



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      this are my rules, not for everyone to agree......
      we use them religiously yet we have a lot of fun and competition.they are only a suggestion.


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        Hi Op
        Those rules sound good to me.
        The only question I have is about the axle. I run a 1/8" rear but I use a 1/32 front. Is this allowed?
        Maybe we should set up a poll to get a feel as to how many people would participate and what type of car they would like to see run.



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          to me it doesn't make any difference at all.
          as tsrf would say ;
          gear ratios are gear ratios.......
          as i have said they are the rules we use ........
          its just a start and i would love to see and test your chassis here in australia.

          we in Liverpool Checkered Flag raceway had a meeting about this .
          it would be unfair to anyone just to have their car/s tested only in usa,so we also would like to run them here as well.

          as you have seen in my website, our members abide by a code of conduct.
          and we do race fast but with a lot of respect to our cars and fellow racers.

          the front axle should not be of any drama at all to me.
          as per specified rules of tyre width and diameter and rolling on the track it should not make any difference.

          where can we start posting names of entries ?
          where /when /how and who ?
          i pass the ball to the generous Alan and Retrotech.
          my entry might be my car that i am using in our series.

          but i still can replace the body anything that has been agreed on.
          good racing to all!

          orangepicker (not orange or whatever) ..... orangepicker


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            Re: rules

            OK with me. Suggestion: all use the Carrera BMW body because it is easily available in all countries. Any other suggestions?
            Only body modif allowed: cut a slot to clear the gear on sidewinder cars. The body sides cannot be lower than 1/16", and the whole cockpit stays stock. No removing of any weight on the body. Tires (including any portion of sidewalls) cannot be seen from top of car. This can be measured with a square placed outside of the car. If the square touches the tire before it touches the body, the car is illegal.
            Motors are stock Falcons as they are easily available. For this I also suggest that the motors come from a single source as there are no less than FIVE different Falcon specs by now, and some are MUCH faster than others!
            So all what's left is:
            -what type of track (plastic or wood) to figure out type of tires (rubber or foam)
            -is a minimum weight rule necessary? I would prefer that everyone runs what they feel is good for them, since the motors would be all the same. At the end, each chassis has different characteristics, so the weight on a Plafit necessary to make it handle, may be vastly different from what a Pro-Track or Momo needs. So a weight rule could be unfair to a superior chassis design that needs more or less to work. After all, this is supposed to show which chassis is better, so why this penalization of anyone's design?
            -how about one race in Australia, one in USA (Port Angeles), one in Europe?
            -Voltage used?
            Keep'em coming.


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              Re: rules

              Suggestion: all use the Carrera BMW body because it is easily available in all countries.
              Where in the US.
              I can't seem to find any listed.