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  • 1/24th Scale RTR

    Of course, that's Ready To Run, but in this case, really it's
    Ready To Rant!!

    And the rant is about the sad state of 1:24th scale RTR cars in today's slot car world.

    Numerous other threads have touched on this in one way or the other. In "Vintage," is a thread about the ol' million selling Manta Ray and 'Cuc. In other threads are the latest offerings from Carrera.........

    Granted, back in the '60s a lot of the 1:24th cars weren't "scale" and a lot didn't handle well. But I would love to have something as "scale" and decent performing as this manufactured today:

    (thanks Herr Doktor)

    Instead, we have a plastic body on a plastic chassis with a chinese disposable motor using a magnet to hold it to the track. Yes, they look pretty. Most toys do! I just can't get excited over it. Great Carrera track with no decent 1:24th scale RTR to run on it.

    Carrera - how about you guys step up to the plate and build a 1:24th scale car that has a metal chassis with maybe a drop arm and something more than a wall wart toy power supply?

    Right, ain't gonna happen............break out the soldering iron, dremel moto tool and brass rod..........end of rant

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    I agree. Scratch-building is fun, but not much else is going on at the moment for 1/24. Carrera is producing a bunch of 1/24 cars this year with a drop arm, though. AutoArt has produced some as well. I personally like the way their Lambo runs.

    Plastic is fine, but the option to have a ride with a metal chasis.

    What do you plan to run your 1/24s on? Carrera plexi track? Do metal chassis cars do Ok the plastic/plexi track or are they too heavy for the power supplies for you? Are you much for a newer racing experience like changing lanes or do you just want faster, heavier 1/24 RTR cars?



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      Re: 1/24

      my two bob,if you please.

      i was going to build it like the 1/32 scale .........bugger........
      its a 1/24th SCALE:rollin


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        I am hoping that Revell/Monogram will think about re-issuing their vintage 1/32 and 1/24 cars, or make us a new metal chassis (brass or aluminum) styled vintage series of car kits. Since R-M is having tons of success with their comeback in 1/32 rtr cars and parts, this is a realistic expectation for us. I am not holding my breath in Carrera doing much more than making durable, inexpensive 1/32 and 1/24 cars and continue to make their great 1/24 track.

        It seems that any combination of real slot car enthusiasts and collectors matched with the actual slot car makers only comes in the very small, independant Euro companies. What we need here is a good 'ol USA mfg and some slot heads to get together, and our only hope is most likely going to be with Monogram here in the US. They already have the molds (model kits) for new and vintage kits, and can produce large enough qtys of kits to keep the cost down.

        The only other choices are to scratch build, which was, and will continue to be, a small percentage in the hobby of real artisans, not for the masses; or to find vintage parts and build and/or restore real 1960s vintage cars. The Pro-Track chassis kits are another option, but they do not seem to be mass produced. A rather simple, yet effective and inexpensive way to get a hard plastic model body turned into a 1/25 slot car.

        Whatever the outcome in 1/24, i am with you in wishing for some type of a comeback to the good old days of mid 1960s hard bodied slot cars! That is why i enjoy collecting K&B, Cox, Revell and Monogram 1960s cars so much.


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          1/24th scale RTR as a concept is apparently dead..........I bet the number of 1/24th sets that Carrera sells compared to their 1/32nd sets is hardly worth mentioning. I'm happy for the 1/32nd guys, I just don't think they know what they're missing!!



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            Does that mean the 1/24 Carrera sets are going to be collectables??8o


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              I'll let you PM the good Doktor and ask him that question:


              but my thought is that if those PPOS are collectibles I'm hoarding my wife's Tupperware for the future!



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                MonoRev Folk

                I spoke with a MonoRev rep regarding bodies and such and they have no interest in brand new kit designs for larger scales so they said. The gave a figure of $250,000 in design/manuf. cost just to get a model off of the line. YIKES! I will tap them on the shoulder again and see if I can get anything going on the 1/24 bodies.

                They said that folks doing vacs and resines of their bodies in small quantities might stay under the radar, but start big "copy cat" production and they will be sniffin' yer tail.

                I hope this scale is not dead. It is certainly not dead in my head. I'm just gettin' started!! I really get a kick out of running them.

                If enough cash is waved in their faces perhaps they will take notice. I'll not give up hope...and will hit some of the other model makers.



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                  Re: MonoRev Folk

                  Maltese - Give up hope? NO WAY!! Remember, Carrera did us a favor by producing plastic track wide enough to accomodate 1/24th scale. And with aftermarket power supplies and controllers it is awesome for home track. Of course for routed track, why would you NOT make the lane spacing wide enough for both 1:24th and 1:32nd cars? Also, there's plenty of
                  1:24th scale bodies in lexan or resin out there. Some are even being produced by properly licensed companies. Maybe MonoRev will get interested; it would be great. I'm simply lamenting the fact that the days of the '60s era RTR available by multiple manufacturers is dead. Maltese, as long as I can hold a Dremel tool, I'll build 1/24th scale cars.

                  You'll have to pry my Weller soldering iron from my cold dead hands!!


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                    Re: MonoRev Folk

                    maybe this will spice them up!


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                      Re: MonoRev Folk

                      Maltese- i am not asking Monogram to make NEW designs, i am suggesting they use their molds from existing 1/24 kits, especially their 1960s slot body kits to make new vintage re-issues of 1/24 cars. No $250k cost here!! Just look at the success of re-issuing the 1/24 Chaparrall model kit (again!). All that is needed here is to make a retro kit presentation box, add a chassis kit, motor, wheels, tires, axles, gears and voila! A re-issue slot car kit. All made will be sold for sure, a win-win situation for all involved.

                      Zoney- 1/24 rtr slot cars is not dead! See Carrera and Auto Art, both make 1/24 rtr cars. Exoto to make 1/24 cars (one of these years) too. And do not forget TSRF. PDL asells rtr chassis with body kits too i believe.

                      This is a relatively untapped market that will grow if the commercial track shops add plastic track layouts to their shops and sell today's rtr 1/32 cars, sets, parts. Let's wait and see.


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                        SportBlazer it sounds like you have a plan afoot. I agree with you that 90% of what is needed already exists. It is simply a matter of directing it the right (read "my") way.



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                          Re: Vision

                          Ok Maltese, since you have a connection with Monovell, see if they can be persuaded to re-issue whatever they still have in the 1960's 1/32 and 1/24 slot cars/bodies, like the re-issue of the 1/24 Chaparral model kit, and just re-issue a brass or aluminum adjustable chassis. One chassis in each scale will do, and any of the bdies can fit, exactly like they did 40 years ago. Tell them to keep it simple, retro, and watch the re-issue slot cars sell like hotcakes!!

                          No need to hit on any other model kit makers, as when it works for Monogram/Revell, others (AMT,etc) will join in for their share of the profits!


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                            Re: Vision

                            keep it simple, retro, and watch the re-issue slot cars sell like hotcakes!!

                            Man, truer words were never written!!



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                              Reading glasses.

                              Dream on, boys. Costs would be so high that even the rich guys would shun it.
                              Carrera sales of 1/24 scale sets exceed that of 1/32 scale in Germany. But not worldwide.
                              Now understand that the Carrera track is currently the OLDEST in production since Scalextric sold out of their "Classic" c*ap. Indeed, the very same Carrera track you buy today was introduced in 1965 in the middle of the 1/24 scale era, hence its size.
                              Unfortunately and after a great effort in 1968 to 1971, their recent cars have been been cheap toys rather than finely designed machines. So only the bodies are usable for other projects unless you don't know any better.