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How about some more nice cars!

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  • How about some more nice cars!

    How about some real nice looking slot cars. Yeah I know they don't turn 1.5 sec. laps on a king track but they sure do look good doing the times they do. I would rather drive these around and enjoy them, than some others I have seen recently.

    Penske Corvette Grand sport Roadster

    George Follmers Lotus 23 with Porsche power

    Cooper and Nickey Chevrolet in pits, check out Carrol Shelby sitting in the pits in the cowboy hat

    Mark Donohues Mk6 Mc Laren

    John Surtees lola Can-Am car

    A privateer Lotus 30

    Alfa Romeo Gt

    Ferrari 246

    Some interesting scenery also with none of those plastic pedastals most model spectators stand on. Also no Blobby head drivers. Nicely done. Site has much more of this if interested.

    Scale car site 1/24th
    Check out the Gallery and the different classes shown to the left, Very nice work. And these are slotcars that are raced not shelf queens. Some thing to be proud of IMHO. But what do I know?

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    These are built by Dieter Jens and Dieter Bollinger in Germany. They are resin bodies over Sakatsu chassis. Now this is a great way to race, and race, they do!
    Why can't we get the message across the USA?
    Laziness? Lack of any talent? What?


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      the best cars

      Wow thanks for the pics of these cars.
      I'm with you let me drive the slow nice cars.
      can't keep the 1.5s on the track anyway.
      the detail is incredible. :clap :clap :clap
      I will have to try my hand at a car like this.


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        Scale cars in the US......

        There are people that have already picked up that path in the US, maybe not that strict (in scale details) as in Germany, but I think that they are on the best way.
        It´s the guys from Pelican Park Speedway in Eugene, Oregon.


        And just to assure you the discussion between "speedracers" and "scaleracers" is still a never ending story over here!!!!!

        We race somewhere in the middle, like the guys in Eugene.
        Our link:

        Keep having fun while slotracing,


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          Re: Scale cars in the US......

          Nice to see that they consider the Wheels/Tires and inserts as part of the Scale package too.:spin :drivin :drivin :spin

          I never could understand putting nicely detailed Scale bodies on Roller Skate wheels with the rocker panels scraping the track.:bonk


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            Roller-skate wheels...

            I am with you Al, and this is the major point of contention with the Flexi crowd. They cannot let go...

            "I'm with you let me drive the slow nice cars."

            They are not that slow, they go pretty fast too. But speed is of course relative, competition and the type of tracks used is what counts. In this case, they run on multi-lane Carrera tracks with LOTS of turns to keep you busy. No King track there... Of course, they run a King at a rate of 8-second or so, compared to the 1.5-second lap times of the latest winged missiles. But one has to remember that 8 seconds was a world record on these tracks once with cars that were already using roller-skate wheels (albeit a bit larger than today's), chopped bodies and 25 wire arms, and now you can do this with exact scale cars and very mild motors, right off the shelf.
            While a TSRF car does arounf 6.75 to 7-second laps on a King, it will destroy a wing car on a Carrera track... so things are all relative. For us, let's go for cars that look like cars.



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              No point in having-

              it even look like a car if you are turing 1.5 sec. laps!


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                to say how nice those cars are.:thewave


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                  Re: Jens-

                  Incredible site, incredible cars. :clap I have been a fan of the Pelican Park cars, but these look like they bring the modelling up another level.

                  Any comments on the prevalence of Sakatsu chassis? (Maybe because Jens sells them?) Is it because they are available RTR in various wheelbase/tracks (after spending all that time building bodies, I'd like to save some time with a ready to run chassis)? Anyone know if they are available in the US (or at least from an english language website?)? I'm familiar with the Motor Modern, but the Sakatsu seems like a nice package a perhaps a lower price point?



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                    Has them plus many others, in Aus. but easy to order from. All prices in Aus. dollar.


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                      Re: Patto's


                      Thanks for the tip about Pattos. I've got to get a chassis for a BRE Datsun 510 (Revell).



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                        Larry said: "check out Carrol Shelby sitting in the pits in the cowboy hat"

                        Looks like from the Revell USRRC cobra kit. But...I was checking out the "pit bunnies!"

                        Wow, I've never seen anything like that in a USA pit stall.


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                          Well being a family forum I did not want to emphasize the fun some builders have with pit people. But I love the attention to the pit figures not having those stupid looking piles of plastic crap (pedastals) to stand on in nice photos. Not too much harder to do it right, with some .024 music wire pins in the legs and small .024 holes in the track where you want them. And you can move them around and not even notice the old unused holes in the next photo etc.. Now if we could just get rid of the slots etc. in the pictures.:clap :b


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                            nice cars

                            I agree with you Philippe. If these cars pictured were RTR and available, or even as kits, i would buy them. Especially if made available at a reasonable price....any takers?? I wish my model building skills were half as good as these builders. I would rather run my 1/32 home cars (Fly, Monogram, Scaley, Ninco, etc) than Parmas, etc at the raceways (oh, i mean raceway....only one within range of my town, the rest closed shop). I hope new hobby shops open with 1/32 tracks for the newer cars, without commercial raceway mentality. Not to knock those guys, but i do not see much at a commercial raceway in promoting the hobby, just a small clique of guys keeping to themselves, looking at guys like me as being in the way.


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                              Re: nice cars -> RTRs, kits

                              <span style="font-family:comic sans ms; color:teal;font-size:medium;"> Dear SportBlazer350, when your talking about that these cars should be available as RTRs, what do you think would be a reasonable price? Well, the good news, you can get these cars as RTRs, as pre-painted or complete kit! BUT be prepared, just the parts [with a Fujimi GT40] are more than $130. It's not the $30-Ninco-Fly-through-my-away-league! </span>

                              <span style="font-family:comic sans ms; color:teal;font-size:medium;"> Again good news: at ”Dieter Jens' HP“ just click on ANGEBOTE - SPECIAL OFFERS
                              and you'll find the "Ford GT40 Ready-To-Win" at €99.00 including all parts that you need [excl. tools, paints, patience, ... ]. You will find much more apetizers and unusual but beautiful cars like early McLarens on Dieter's page:
                              <img border=0 src="" />
                              <span style="font-family:comic sans ms; color:teal;font-size:medium;">
                              If you don't have to save the last cent, I can recommend two custom car builders, both know as one [in this case better two] of the best in Germany, constantly building top [maximum concours points and race winner!] cars and they do both have a HP, just click on: ”Pitter Schwar“ or ”Matthias Parke“. Which service to choose? Have a look at the cars ... but I guess it doesn't really help you ... </span>

                              <span style="font-family:comic sans ms; color:teal;font-size:medium;"> Pit's Cheetah:
                              </span> <img border=0 src="" />

                              <span style="font-family:comic sans ms; color:teal;font-size:medium;"> Matthias' Cheetah: </span> <img border=0 src=""

                              <span style="font-family:comic sans ms; color:teal;font-size:medium;"> When visiting Pit’s Costom Shop have a look at the [Cox repro] Cheetah body, painted and decaled [and clear sealed] at a very reasonable price. Matthias usually build 4 -8 piece series of one car - you have to contact him and ask. </span>

                              <span style="font-family:comic sans ms; color:teal;font-size:medium;"> Keep one thing in mind: a chromed plastic fuel cap will never look like a white metal one that was hand polished [with love or by yourself]! </span>

                              <span style="font-family:comic sans ms; color:teal;font-size:large;">