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    Thanks for looking in to this. I have done some research and still can't find anything s good, even if the price has gone up 5-10USD$
    Be curious if they would be willing to export.


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      Cool little thing...

      So, my daughter just came back from Japan....

      Just before she left two weeks ago - I set her a little challenge "Find this Toy / Hobby Store, get one of these....."

      She Passed -

      The two holes under the rear axle are where the rear magnets were. I haven't lowered the body yet, but for out of the bag ( it doesn't come in a box ) - it goes pretty well. Taily of course, with such a short wheelbase, but with the two front mags still installed, it's a bit like those Scaley Drift cars of some years back ( Can't do the 180s though.... )

      Now it's up to her to decorate the Pink Bug as she likes..... but for about $45- AUD you can't go wrong.... and there's lots of scope to modify / enhance if you wish...

      Cheers, Tony


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        Glad someone else has also got hold of one. Honestly I have asked them about putting on the plafit site, I have asked for quotes on various quantities, I have also passed on the contact information to others who own stores to see if they can progress further in getting these more readily available.

        For anyone visiting Japan I believe these would also be available at the airport if you fly in to Haneda. The airport has same store at both Narita and Haneda airports, but only Haneda has a slot car track at the store.


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          Ha, funny. I just bought a very clean, 05 Mini I'd still be up for one car with the Mini body if possible.



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            drop me a mail, [email protected] and we will sort something out


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              Have eventually got some feedback from banpro. Pricing that they quoted me as example was :

              2 cars would be 30 USD each.
              20 cars would be 26 USD each.
              100 cars would be 20 USD each.

              Shipping would depend on location. Order through the contact form on their website.

              We had some fun with the decorating last week. Cheap and cheerful

              Am going to be trying a spare chassis under my LaFerrari Roadster project.


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                Could you repost the website and ideally a direct link to their contact page?


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                  dazee -

                  I just sent you a note on getting me a car or two.
                  I forgot to mention, I'm in SoCal.

                  Again, thanks for doing this.



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                    Have not posted a link to their website as I didn't think we are permitted to post direct links for stores that are not sponsors on this site. If you use your favourite search engine though for Ban Project Slot Cars then all the top results should take you to their site.

                    Mike, will send you a mail shortly.