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  • PIN Gauge for NSR

    Hey guys, I ordered a PIN gauge for my cars. Two actually. I'm traveling now, but I believe one was for NSR/Slot-it and the other was for 'other'. Well, I've not been able to fit the gauge in my NSR 908. Is there a different gauge needed for the 'race bearings'? Or is it just really tight? I"m afraid if I continue to push the gauge into the bearings I'll never get it out.

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    It is nice if you can afford a set of pin gauges. Both makes use slightly different axle sizes. axles are 0.0935 inches if I recall correctly. If I am aligning the bearings for a car that will use that size axle I use a 0.0940 inch pin gauge, which is a snug fit in the Slot Car Corner bearings that I often use.
    A NSR rear axle that I just measured was 0.0931 inches and the front axle on the same car was 0.0922 inches.
    I do not have pin gauges for 1/32nd car axles except for the one that I mentioned earlier.