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Non-Carrera guides for Carrera track

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  • Non-Carrera guides for Carrera track

    I use Carrera Digital 1/32. I have some Scalextric cars that have been chipped, but the guides seem a bit short for the track. The cars de-slot much easier than Carrera cars. I've used "deep" guides for some NSR cars, but I'm not sure about Scalextric. Any recommendations are appreciated.

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    I use wood track guides that have been trimmed with almost everything.


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      Guide Depth

      I do beleve that some of the Newer Scalextric cars such as the Javelins have a deeper guide, as compared to the older style Camaro's , I have made and glued plastic extensions to the bottom of the old guides but it usualy breaks of after a runs on the track.


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        The older style Scalextric Classic track had a shallow slot and their cars had guide flags sized for that long after the Sport track with a deeper slot was introduced. The latest Carrera cars have a guide with a replaceable blade and they come with a spare red blade for use with Scalextric track.


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          I recently noticed that 132Slotcar have Parma "The Blade" guide flags for only a buck and a half each.

          No idea though about compatibility, you would have to call the store and ask if they fit Scalextric cars.