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Just getting back into racing...

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  • Just getting back into racing...

    After a 10+ year hiatus, I'm playing with slot cars again!
    And in the process of looking for a "Pace car" setup, I came across the "ARC Air" powerbase... Wow, this thing is awesome!

    I had not been keeping up with the latest technology, so needless to say I could not believe how far we've come, with iOS apps, and all!... It was also sad to see that Ninco is no longer a player.

    Anyway, although I did try Digital (Ninco), my preference was (and still is) a simple 2-lane Analogue setup on Ninco track, so I've opted to just adding the "ARC Air" powerbase into the mix, and so far I'm quite impressed. BTW, I did have to ditch the 15V Scalextric transformer, else the non-Scalextric cars would hang the powerbase.

    It's good to be back!
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    Good to see you back, eh?


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      Welcome back. Also getting my 4 lane Carrera analog back also after a basement remodel