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  • Spirit 936????

    So Spirit bought a bunch of old Artin or SCX molds? That has to be the worst example of a slot car I have seen in over ten years.

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    These two from Spirit?
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      That would be them. Could they be more toy like, grossly out of proportion, have a worse finish?


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        I'm sure someone out there has their.........hey wait a minute!!!! I've got one of those!!!!!!

        936-001...that's the black one.

        L. 4250mm say 139mm in 1/32
        W. 1981mm say 62mm in 1/32
        H. 1021mm at top of rollbar say 32mm in 1/32

        so who's got one to measure?
        I will say the tampo could be better. you can see all the paint lines under the 1 at the front on the black car. kinda looks odd.
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          How does the size of the driver look? Seems to be a bit small in the photos.



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            Dang! I have been waiting for this car! I thought it would have to be better than the MRRC body I was able to chase down on ePay.


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              Let's see it before condemning it

              Originally posted by kji View Post
              So Spirit bought a bunch of old Artin or SCX molds? That has to be the worst example of a slot car I have seen in over ten years.
              How can we pre-judge this car in a negative manner until we see it up close and personal? Mine are due to arrive here on this coming Monday. At that time, maybe I can shed some insight.


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                Originally posted by kji View Post
                So Spirit bought a bunch of old Artin or SCX molds? That has to be the worst example of a slot car I have seen in over ten years.
                What a shame too since I certainly consider this to be an iconic Porsche. Maybe will bring out the 936/78 et al PROPERLY done.

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                  Left behind....

                  Went to pick a pair up at my dealer,...........left them there.At least Artins are GETTING better.....these are a step in the wrong direction for spirit.


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                    Hey guys,

                    I'm bummed to read the negative reports, but at least you guys are honest enough to share them so thanks for that. Fantasy World has multiple views of this car on their web site.

                    The deal I currently have with the devil requires me to buy slot models of significant Porsches. The photos on FW's site don't look bad. I'm looking forward to track tests of the Spirit 936.



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                      ? WHY


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                        I personally think the Spirit 936 looks fine and runs better. On the wood it was smooth out of the box and a bit of tire sanding in the rear worked even better. The motor on my car had a bit of wierdness in that after a couple of laps it slowed dramatically, to the point I thought it had gone up in smoke. I brought it around, gave it full throttle with the wheels lifted and after a couple of seconds cleared up and has been fine since. I was especially impressed with the crown gear, which is quite thin- much like a nylon version of the NSR gear. Gear mesh is acceptable, although not as quiet as some others in the garage.
                        Overall fit and finish is good, although the headlights are a bit dodgy. Of course, the original cars( the real ones) were just about as bad, possibly worse.


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                          In my two units (one of each colour) it's true that paint&tampo is not the best I've seen, also the fixing between chassis and body, but the cars looks nice and runs very well (amazing I must say). I think it will be very usual to see P936 in classic class races, at least here in Spain.

                          Some pictures:

                          So, the post of kji is a bit excessive or must I say ill-intentioned?

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                            off colour

                            I find the style of the comment more offensive than the actual content of the comment. The same happened for the Spirit 405 and then with time people started to say well its not a Slotit and yes it does go well now that I have learnt the set up for this car.

                            From photos in Brian Labans Le Mans 24 Hours I believe these models are pretty darn good. The 1977 version of the car looks to be there or there abouts. The model is not of the later 1981 car when the rear wing and body was a different shape. Every manufacturer makes errors. Witness a post aparthied South African flag on an eighties car some time back.

                            I am optimistic the same will be true for this car, ie a good solid performer and tunable for those that want more speed.

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                              Thank you for your great post Dansula. Its pretty hard to sell some of these slot cars when a few of you BASH the new products... so if you have nothing good to say don't say it at all.
                              Remember when you say its Toy like....They are TOYS
                              Thats just me venting
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