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  • Compatibility

    Hey all I'm new here but had some questions about compatibility with my track, I'm currently running the carrera evolution track and was wondering if anyone had tried running anything other than Carrera and Scalextric Cars such as, Fly, Ninco, Pioneer, etc. Any info would be helpful I'd just like to ask before buying.

  • #2 cars seem to run well on pretty much any track, in part because of their adjustability. Plus, if you're running a digital system, I believe they'll accept chips for the various systems in use.


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      Of course! You can run pretty much anything on Carrera track. There will be differences, but that's the case no matter what track you run a car on. If you're new to slot cars, you'll be quickly learning a lot about magnetic traction, tire compounds, and more, as you test out cars made by other manufacturers.


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        Any brand analog car will run on Carrera track. Some brands may not grip as well as others due to tyre compound. People tend to run silicone or urethane tyres with good effect on Carrera track.
        Before you start buying replacement tyres - giving the stock tyres a light sand with 400 grit sand paper can improve the grip. Some tyres also react well to a wipe of light oil - put some 3in1 oil on a cloth and wipe over the tyre - allow it to sit for 5 minutes and then run.


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          Thank you very much for the feedback y'all it's much appreciated


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            T -

            Where are you located?
            I have a Carrera track kit (big box !) I bought years ago and never even removed any of it from the box. As new in the box. I ended up having a wood track built.
            I'll make you a good deal if you are interested.



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              Carrera track has stainless steel rails, other makes use regular steel that may possibly be plated to avoid corrosion. If you are running cars with traction magnets there will be less grip on a track that has stainless steel rails, that is why Carrera cars often have an extra traction magnet. If you run different makes of cars on your track and you would like to make the lap times more equal you might have to add or remove traction magnets or possibly put tires with more grip on some of the cars.