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  • Shoreline Model Raceways New Track

    Shoreline Model Raceways has a new track. We have had a portable modular track called Gypsy for some time, but it has seen little use because it takes a considerable effort to move it to a race location, assemble it and then break it down when the racing is finished. The new track is easy to move and should see a lot more use.
    One long straight section from Gypsy was modified to make a two lane paperclip oval with a squeeze in the back straight. The track was taken to a charity event recently and it generated a great deal of enthusiasm.
    Last night we did a trial event on the new track.

    The race on the paperclip track used a novel format. There was a jam car in the inside lane, that was an Artin NASCAR towing a trailer, that circulated at a constant speed. The racers took turns driving a stock Scalextric NASCAR in the outside lane for one minute. The laps and finishing position were noted for each racer. The squeeze on the back straight is what made things interesting. You could pass the jam car on the front straight, but if that took too long the jam car might get you in the first turn. If you caught the jam car in the first turn you would be stuck behind it until you got back to the front straight. You could try to push the jam car out of the way, but the trailer made that difficult. The jam car and trailer might end up blocking your lane if it came out of the slot.