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bodies with paint defects on brand new cars

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  • bodies with paint defects on brand new cars

    I have been seeing an increase of bodies with paint defects on brand new cars recently. For example, i just got a carrera ferrari car with a scratch along the side. i looked at the wheels and braids and it looks new. I had several scalextric cars have paint defects recently as well.

    Typically i prefer to keep my cars in perfect order, but its like my 4th car i got this year with some defects. I havent decided if i am going to return the ferrari yet, but i am pretty annoyed by it, honestly

    Have you guys been seeing similar things, maybe i am too picky.


    ADDED, i decided to return it. it cost 50 dollars for this car, and I dont want to pay for something damaged.
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    For the most part these cars are cranked out in China by people that think they are making toy cars for children to play with. That being said the three Carrera cars that I have bought lately have all had perfect paint jobs. If you do not return defective cars the maker will not be aware that there is a problem and will not take corrective action.


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      I emailed Carrera to see if they would take care of the issue for me. Amazon just offers returns for this one not a replacement and I would need to buy it again from someone else. I haven't heard back yet. I would rather them replace the body or the whole car.


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        miles - was the car you purchased "Ships from and sold by Carrera USA"? If it wasn't then Carrera really has nothing to do with it, you've got to take it up with the seller.

        I've seen several BNIB cars with defects in the paint - a bubble here, a dust speck there. Just yesterday I was looking at the MRRC Racing Legends Chaparral twin set and the wings are defective - you can actually see it in these pictures posted also. That's why I continue to buy Slot.It, NSR, LMM and now Sideways to be shelf queens in 1/32, and BRM in 1/24. Everything else I will buy to run.


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          It's been a very long time since I had any cars with paint defects in them. In fact I'd have to say that Paint/Tampo work has never been better.


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            Originally posted by dinglebery View Post
            miles - was the car you purchased "Ships from and sold by Carrera USA"? If it wasn't then Carrera really has nothing to do with it, you've got to take it up with the seller.
            yeah, they didnt even respond. i sent it back to amazon


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              Well, I find when it comes to the paint finish ,whether it is the paint it self or the Decals, you can always find or take issues with anything when it is mass produced. There are sellers that will sell anything with out looking at their product before they ship. There are Sellers like the sponsor of this site that go out of their way to promote the hobby and support this site. When it comes to companies that you mention I am not surprised.


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                Robert makes a valid point, sadly. The BRM that cost 3x or 4x that of a Carrera is because it's been meticulously built and cared for before it went into its box. There probably isn't much QC done with the big name companies that crank out thousands, if not tens of thousands of cars, compared to BRM that might make 10 more than 500. Guessing, of course, but probably not that far off! And you know what - I gladly pay for that pristine BRM!! You get what you pay for comes to mind here...


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                  Thoughts cross my mind (hey it happens sometimes).
                  • I've probably been lucky, but from a quality control point of view I've been generally delighted with the paint and tampo print quality of slot cars over the years and Carrera more than others at times.
                  • I can't imagine this situation happening for Miles if he had walked into a store and bought these cars off the shelf, because both he and the vendor would have been able to spot the defects right there.
                  • Good analogy with the BRMs there. The distributor ensures their quality control before shipping. Which is how it should be.