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Gluing Tires to Wheels

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  • Gluing Tires to Wheels

    My apologies if I'm resurrecting a topic that has been long since covered...

    What glues are people using to bond tires to aluminum wheels? Do you use different glues for foam, rubber and urethane tires?

    I have used both Gorilla Glue Cyanoacrylate and 'Goop' successfully. 'Goop' is kinda thick, and I have thought about thinning it with acetone, but it has worked well applied just as it came out of the tube.

    Have people tried scuffing the OD of their wheels to help the glue bond?

    Ed Bianchi

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    I use VersaChem Black Magic high temperature gasket maker. It is messy stuff to apply, but it is easy enough to wipe off any excess. I used to use Gorrilla Glue brand superglue. That can come unstuck at the edges and did not work at all with one brand of silicone tires. If the tires get too hot when you are truing them the glue might debond. If there is even a tiny spot where the bond has failed the performance of the tires will be degraded.
    See this article for more info:


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      Rich, interesting video on that tire-mounting tool.

      I have found that turning the tire inside-out works for many tires. You can apply the glue to the tire's inner surfaces while the tire is inside-out, then roll the tire onto the wheel. Takes a little dexterity, but a cute trick once you master it.

      Ed Bianchi


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        Back in the day I used 3M weather-strip adhesive for foam to aluminum rims