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Harrel-RS, New racetrack system. Someone already seen/raced on this track?

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  • Harrel-RS, New racetrack system. Someone already seen/raced on this track?

    A bit of googling resulted in finding this site:
    Looks like a top quality race track system, made of a combination of wood, plastic and metal.
    I think it has only 1 problem and that is the price...
    Picture is from Harrel-RS site.


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    I only got so far as the first sentence in your post and clicked on the link... when the website opened my very first thought was - that will not bend and needs to be extremely flat because of the plug male/female style connections between track pieces. Excellent example of German "over-engineering" IMO. The best connections short of a twist-locking one.
    The sections are made from 19mm MDF which means it will be extremely heavy.
    The finished track surface looks amazing.
    Looks like a fantastic track for large venues that don't need to be technical with a lot of elevation change.

    after reading some more on their website, I'm not surprised of the craftsmanship of the product - it's made in Solingen which is where all the best knives are made. They know metal very well.

    I couldn't find any mention of a price. It's a premium product that's got lots of engineering behind it - it's not going to be cheap by any means.
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      I looked at it extensively at the UK SlotFesr and it has been thoroughly discussed on German slot car forums. Many members of the German slot community have traveled there to check it out.

      The guy Harold (Harrel) got the idea in 2003 and started design work in 2006.

      He and everyone on the team are slot car enthusiasts.
      As mentioned, they all work in the metal, wood, as well as CNC and plastic industries.

      The wanted to address a few gaps:
      Lack of 1/24 scale track (besides Carrera and some day ScaleAuto)
      Bad power connections
      and most importantly it is meant to be the hybrid best of both worlds: You get the smooth, quiet operation of wood with the ability to change the layout like with plastic.

      They even have special holders for controllers and oil drum stands (with these holders) to set the track up on.

      They have an adapter for Carrera track so it is technically possible to use those to make it digital. They might offer digital some directly some day.

      You can get it with built in borders or add borders. Guardrails are pushed in on the side so they don't fall off.
      The lane color coding is pressed in so can be easily swapped out.

      They set up a 30 meter track and tested the conductivity and it was a every low Ohm number (He didn't say directly, he just said that Carrera was far worse)

      There really isn't anything I can think of that they left out...

      The price if of course the big issue. I won't quote what he told me as that is likely to change but you pretty much can guess that a "running meter" is going to be less than a wood track but more than Carrera.
      It really is only for clubs, events or people with more money than cents...


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        That's a nice looking bit of design.