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Improving Scalextric Lotus Caterham 7

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  • Improving Scalextric Lotus Caterham 7

    Hi list,

    I am looking on improving my Scalextric Lotus/Caterham 7. One of the suggestions I had was to go to a TSRF guide flag and add weight. I did add some lead from a lead sheet to the bottom of the chassis but it was too thick and I beleive it was the thinnest sold. Also I beleive that there is no room on the inside to added it either. Right now I cannot keep it on my Ninco track.

    This Scalextric car is like the real thing, everything is tight and off course it's British.

    Getting a parts order ready and need to know what else I should order for this car.

    Thanks in advance.


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    I put a Ninco NC1 in mine and now its a pleasure to drive.

    The tape used on Golf clubs is very thin and should work on the bottom.



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      I changed over all of my wheels and Tires to Scalextric Trans Am. I got some from a car I switched over to a Slot.It setup. They fit just right in the wheel wells of the Lotus 7. The Golf club lead tape is an excellent idea also.



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        If you only want to upgrade the tires, then the Scalextric C8417 for the MINI are a perfect fit on the stock wheels.


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          crude but it works

          Mine is purely a wood car, but since you're talking lead, I presume you're running no-mag on your ninco track. I used some fairly thick lead - nearly 1/16th, in the biggest slice, of about 1/3rd onze I could hide under the pan of the car. I didn't bother to swap the motor.

          Like most Scaleys, there is enough slop in the axle bushes to drive a truck through, and park in the middle, so I lightly oiled it, then ran superglue into it. When the supreglue starts to go off, and the axle feels a bit tight, turn it gently by hand, then onto low volts, and turn it some more so it doesn't seize just made a "collar" like putting a sleeve inside the bore of and old engine block.

          I tighten up a lot of the cheaper car brands like this, and the "fix" is surprisingly reliable and durable. About 80% work out pretty "centred", and wel, the ones that don't...are still better than they were before. It's not a perfect "fix", but it saves the cost of "" everything in sight..........

          I aslo swapped out the tyres for urethanes, which true up nice and easy, and it became a different car. It runs similar lap times to a Fly classic hevron, Porche 917, Ferrari's actually too quick for any of my Ninco classics.


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            How did you fit a Ninco NC-1 motor in. It appears shorter than the Scalextric?



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              Great cars on wood with just a change of rear tyre to Urethanes, and a little Superglue inside the bearings as suggested by Mark.

              Not sure what this means :-

              This Scalextric car is like the real thing, everything is tight and off course it's British.
              If you mean it corners like it's on rails, and doesn't wallow about or throw a fright when it approaches a corner like a certain Countries cars, then I guess your right....




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                Originally posted by Wet Coast Racer View Post
                If you only want to upgrade the tires, then the Scalextric C8417 for the MINI are a perfect fit on the stock wheels.
                +1 I swapped the front mini (new, BMW) tires and rear Lotus tires. Lower profile fronts are better on the mini too!


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                  Did anyone remove the contact rails and just go with leads into the pickup?



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                    Mark here, from the Sunday nite bunch.
                    I attempted to run lead wires, but because of the guide configuration and design of this car, i couldn't find an acceptable way to run the wires (I worked on it for hours, believe me.)
                    As to the motor, check the rules, but I don't believe cross-pollenation is allowed (motor must be the same brand as the car manufacturer, and even some limitations there).
                    I was able to add a little lead inside the chassis and add some to the bottom (not even the thin stuff).
                    Also, make sure to glue the motor and bushings in. (I like Goo for this purpose).

                    I also tubed the front axle to improve handling stability. The original axle flopped around horribly.


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                      Mark & Vince,
                      Thanks always for the use of your cars.

                      I ran the Caterham 7 on the wood track Sunday night. Just seemed dog slow. I really want to race this car but I have a Ninco Cobra as backup just have to put the motor in it that I bought from Scott.

                      I purchased a new controller, hoping the new controller will come in soon but not really expecting it until the end of January if I am lucky. I know that it will probably will not make that much difference but.......... just got to try anything.

                      Is there any place I can buy Goo locally?

                      Placed an order for more Silicone tires and a couple of extra pickups.

                      Have a great Christmas and see you Sunday.