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    New to 1/32. I have classic Scalectrix track that i want to build on. My layout area is going to be L shaped basically a 5 ft x 12 ft rectangle with the L bumping out an additional 3 or 4 ft. My question is really about track can I use SCX track? I know i can use scalectrix sport with adapters. I found some track for sale and have been looking around for sets etc at good prices but I really need direction on what will fit on what i already have. Thanks in advance for any direction you guys could provide!

    I am going to run analog.


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    From what I have been told, SCX and Scaley classic are the exact same track.


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      drawback to.....

      using Scaley Classic track is that the slot is shallower than other systems which requires you to trim the guide flag length on most cars, not a lot, but some. You can actually use a sanding stick to remove the excess. Also trimming the leading edge of the guide a bit like the front of a boat will help too. Scaley Sport has a deeper slot, as does NINCO and Carrera. I don't have any experience with Artin track.



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        you can use the old analog SCX track, which is the same as your scalextric classic track. scx digital track and the newer scx universal analog track (which are both molded in a lighter grey color with a very rough texture) are not compatible with scaley classic as they use totally different connectors.