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1958 Plymouth Fury

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  • 1958 Plymouth Fury

    First resin cast came out of the mold today.

    As ever, it started with an idea....

    And from there a 3D CAD model

    which I got 3D printed. I used an SLS process as usual but with the optional polishing that cleans up the surface a little, just makes it a little smoother. I tried it on a chassis

    And then made a 2-part silicone mold, which is where I am today. Here's the first one to come out

    Next is the vacform windows and I'll see if one of my existing vacform interiors will fit, that will save me making a new one. I'll also get some graphics designed for it and wheel centers too.

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    Nice work !! That is so cool.


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      Will there be an 'unpossessed' version available?

      Looks great, by the way.


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        Now that's "Bad to tha Bone"!


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          Very impressive Mr -ice!

          Just much does that shell weigh?


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            Nice work...
            Sign me up if any will be for sale.



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              It weighs 39g or 1.375oz, you could probably save 5g just by cutting down the body posts which are very thick, and there's more to come off by thinning out the flange inside the car's rocker panels.

              Windows, wheel inserts, interior and graphics next, then I'll put them up for sale.


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                Depending on which chassis it fits, i would like to buy one


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                  While the windows, interior, wheel centres and graphics were being made I did some more research into the car, with the bigger engine options they were a very quick car for the time, less than 8 seconds 0-60 I think!

                  I had a go at some whitewall tires, they're just done as paper graphics so the chances of them lasting a race is 0.000047%, but it looks pretty now and it'll do until I mask and paint them properly.


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                    Very impressive work. Nice detail.


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                      Nicely done.


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                        Originally posted by choc-ice View Post

                        As ever, it started with an idea....
                        Back in the day, I actually tried to talk my parents into getting one of these when they were talking about a new car...much to my dismay, they went with a Plymouth station wagon...they quelled my tantrum by pointing out the presence of the four kids in our family.


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                          You do have a very good taste in cars, choc-ice


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                            Mr.Choc, sideline admirer of your previous works, this one's a beaut as well!

                            Great creations! And, BTW, one of our SCI sponsors


                            makes whitewall tires, wheel/rim size of course specific.

                            Looking forward to your future endeavors!


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                              SUPER !!!
                              Thanks for sharing the process.