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    Hmmm, well all the replies have me 2nd guessing my "Carrera is it" theory. I did like Scalextric, the Carrera kit just seems to have significantly more bang for the buck in an initial kit, with the only significant downside being the size (although its smaller in floor space than the equivalent Scalextric kit) and potential to take less abuse from little people (or clumsy big people).

    Still - I'll go reevaluate some Scalextric kits to be sure.



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      They make McQueen, Fransisco, and I think Snead (grey nissian). Fransisco handles the best and all are fast.


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        The layouts that kits are designed for aren't the only layouts they can be, of course. Often times, they're the LEAST efficient use of the track for a space, intending to look and be bigger than they really need to be.


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          Did I mention that Scalextric also has Lego-compatible cars? :-)


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            I think you will be happy with either system - not wanting to cloud the issue too much - if you go with Carrera you will have the option of running their 1/24 scale cars. We have started running the Carrera 1/24 digital cars and they are fantastic - they look beautiful and they are so much fun to drive. Whilst this might be something for down the track - if you have a shop nearby have a look at them if you the Ferrari 512s and Porsche 917K are grand slot cars and the modern GT cars look the goods as well.


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              If the Carrera Race App is a big deal to you (it was to me) then you might want read some of the reviews on this board and elsewhere. Carrera has released a new Race App, but there are not any real reports of how much better it is than the original. Although one person said "it works" which in itself is an improvement. I have tried the new app once, with no more success than the older app. I am trying to get my hands on another dongle because I am now thinking that may be where the problem is. But, digital is absolutely the way to go and eventually all these problems will be worked out. Of course we would be much further down the road to successful digital racing if there were a common standard, and improvements from one, would benefit all. But this business, so that isn't likely to happen.


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                My 2 cents:

                I have 2 lane Carrera D132, 90' of track on 17' x 14' "L" table with all the digital accessories. I have 3 boys, ages 6, 9 & 11. We started 4 years ago at ages 2, 5 & 7. I've only flipped through the Scalextric catalog so I can't compare the two fairly. So I'll only say that I've been very happy with Carrera personally. I like GT cars and they have a great selection of those.

                Kids require some special considerations. 5 is a good age to start with the speed set low enough that the car can't deslot. About 7-8 they really start getting the hang of things. The digital race features can be added later. It's a little more to keep up with mentally and they just need to learn to drive first. My 9 & 11 year old are doing well with organized races this year, i.e lap counter, start light & pitting, etc. My 6 year old can't quite keep it all straight and the older ones get frustrated with him as he's filling his tank for the third time on the third lap and blocking pit lane.

                If you expand, keep in mind you will be turn marshal for all turns all the time so make things easy to reach.

                The key to kids staying interested is keeping their cars moving and on the track. Here is a thread that several people chimed in on that goes through a lot of those challenges relative to kids:


                Also, In addition to the threads on chipping on this forum, here is an article on for chipping a Scalextric DPR (digital plug ready) car to Carrera. We have our GT race cars for the most part but when we want to just run the daily drivers, I have Carrera's La Ferrari, Porsche 918, Lamborghini Hurcan... But a McLaren P1 was needed to round out the possi... I just got it & haven't gone through the process of chipping it yet though.

                Chipping Scalextric to Carrera

                The only other thing I would add is don't make a decision based on the Pixar cars... My kids have a bunch... They're $3.50 at Walmart... Once they see a 1:32 model race car that is Dad's, they will not want a "toy" slot car, or as my kids say: "the ones with eyes".
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                  I agree on the disney cars. My 2 yr old loves racing McQueen but he loves to run the Richard Petty and the mustang around the track as well. He often runs 2 cars at once if the speed is close with them 180* apart. At 2 slowing down for corners isnt an option nor is pitting so I built my layout to use all R2 or R3 curves with only 1 R1 and a few R4 curves. I give him the outside lane so he doesnt deslot on the R1 curve. Another nice tricker with the plunger style controller is to use a rubber band on the plunger to limit its travel. This prevents him from ever getting to full speed even on the lowest setting which helps him stay on the track.


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                    Originally posted by ATIS View Post
                    Another nice tricker with the plunger style controller is to use a rubber band on the plunger to limit its travel....
                    *searches for rubber bands*


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                      I just wrap the rubber band below the thumb plate on the plunger shaft. Works perfect till they discover if they set the thump plate on the table and lean down on the controller they can get more speed. My 2yr old is too smart for his own good!


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                        Originally posted by DRW-FJ40 View Post

                        My 6 year old can't quite keep it all straight and the older ones get frustrated with him as he's filling his tank for the third time on the third lap and blocking pit lane.

                        ROFL - I laughed out loud. sounds exactly like my youngest, only she'd do it on purpose, for the express purpose of making her sister run out of gas.

                        Thank you all for the replies, links and thoughts.

                        I think I'm close to a decision, but with all the variation and trade-offs, I'm taking the time to review the alternatives.


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                          Well ladies and gents, decision time has come and gone. I read and re-read posts, private messages, made phone calls, sacrificed lambs to the Slot-Car higher-powers, and pleaded for a sign. Regrettably, the sign read "Deer Crossing" and I fail to see how that applies to my situation, so I can only assume the Slot-car powers have a quirky sense of humor.

                          I went with Carrera

                          [Que: wailing and gnashing of teeth]

                          At this time I think it appropriate to ask that everyone back away from sharp objects. I understand that some of you may be in mourning, and or plotting my demise - death by SSD-track to the noggin perhaps? Here's the thing - I found ample argument and rational for both and some really compelling reasons for and against the main competitors in this "which track to I get" challenge. The basic sum though, with all factors considered, is that for me, in this time and place and for the intended use, I felt Carrera fit better (though not perfectly) versus the Scalextric options.

                          I also learned something else - most everyone I talked / messaged with has more than one track, from more than one OEM - so that suggests to me that just because Carrera is my first jumping off spot, doesn't mean I wont ultimately land on Scalextric in the future. They are both good systems and even with my limited knowledge, its clear to see that generally speaking, both sets will deliver the fun and entertainment you want, provided you can accept their individual trade-offs.

                          I've been working up some track designs and will post when I can ( need more posts to qualify for an album) and will welcome feedback on those aswell.

                          Finally - a huge thank you to everyone for the the help, and those that took the time to talk directly and in PM - much appreciated.



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                            s'okay....I have Carrera too.

                            You'll enjoy it, especially with 1:24 cars.


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                              I narrowed my search to the two systems as well and chose Scalextric. Both systems have more than one plus and minus. Both will likely survive any economic downturn and both are commited to digital. Not every digital system can say this (especially the ones that gave up already).

                              Good luck. You are going to have fun guaranteed.*

                              *If you are not satisfied I will re-write this post saying the opposite.


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                                Originally posted by Treozen View Post
                                ROFL - I laughed out loud. sounds exactly like my youngest, only she'd do it on purpose, for the express purpose of making her sister run out of gas.

                                If I had to guess, I would say that is what tipped you into the Carrera camp.

                                I am still deciding on which track to go with. I like the 1:24 idea. I have many 1:24 models collecting dust that are just crying to be made into slot cars. But ... I only have a 4x6 table approved by the SO to work with right now, so I am leaning toward Scalextric. I am also cheap, er, frugal and want to get into 1:32 as cheaply as possible. I already have tons of HO stuff, but I like the bigger, more detailed larger scales of 1:32 and 1:24.