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    wow that's impressive



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      you must have put a fair amount of work into your track plan!


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        Yep. Wanted to have the railroad integrate with the racetrack and allow access to both after scenery is completed. And also had to contend with the 30-degree angle using 45-degree AFX curve sections.

        But I still am debating using two lane plastic track (leaning towards Carrera) or routed three lane for the 1:32 track. Hopefully within the next six months I will start working on that setup.

        Where does the time go? And I am retired.


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          I know. that's why I got rid of my plastic track and went wood again- the available corners wouldn't let me make my layout.


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            In a word.....GORGEOUS !


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              Update. I finished my HO-scale layout and am taking the summer off. Will start the 1;32-scale track in the Fall. I will most likely be posting many questions when I restart my work. Right now I am contemplating either a two-lane Scalextric or routed MDF mag-braid track.

              More pictures can be found in the HO-scale forum ( but here are a few photos:

              Overall 003 by bonez 300

              Overall 005 by bonez 300

              Overall 007 by bonez 300

              Spectator Scenes 010 by bonez 300

              Spectator Scenes 005 by bonez 300

              Pit Scene 001 by bonez 300

              Pit Scene 003 by bonez 300

              Crash Scene 001 by bonez 300

              Crash Scene 002 by bonez 300

              Police Scene 001 by bonez 300

              Police Scene 003 by bonez 300

              Gen RR 001 by bonez 300

              Gen RR 002 by bonez 300

              Harbor 001 by bonez 300

              Harbor 005 by bonez 300

              Harbor 004 by bonez 300

              This is the platform for the future (soon) 1:32-scale track:

              Misc 003 by bonez 300


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                When can we move in?

                That is just awesome......

                Cheers, Tony.


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                  GREAT Work!!! That is just an amazing job!!! Love it!! I noticed you forgot the tie-lines for your ship - or are you still making the rope?
                  I can't wait to see what you come up with for the 1/32 project!

                  Love the collection of cars also! I have an Exoto that would look great in your case if you're interested - Sauber C9 with rolling chassis.
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                    I have yet to find a decent string to make a proper scale rope for the ships ties. So for now the ship has removed its ties for readiness to sail out to sea.

                    i have the Kouros Sauber in my display so donít need the factory livery. But thanks for the offer.


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                      Have you looked at chalk-line twine? A visit to West Marine may be in order also, if there's one near you. They may have real rope that you could unravel for the right scale look.

                      Yeah, I shouldv'e bought that one too, that livery is stunning!