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1st 1/43 Little Monte Carlo Rally proxy, September 2018.

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  • 1st 1/43 Little Monte Carlo Rally proxy, September 2018.

    1st 1/43 Little Monte Carlo Rally proxy, September 2018.

    So here it is, after years of talking about it, I have finally decided to go ahead in September 2018, exact date still to be set!

    Ever since I built my 'Little Monte' 1/43 slot rally track (very loosely based on the Col de Turini stage of the Monte Carlo Rally), in 2010/11, I have wanted to run a proxy on it. I kept putting it off until 'the scenery was finished', which it still isnt but, hopefully, will be in time for the event.

    In 2015 I did run a stage of the Gentlemen Drivers (French forum) Carrera GO Rally Proxy on the track and was surprised how well most of the cars managed what is a very challenging track, with a fastest time of around 25 seconds. Since that time I have deepened and smoothed out the slot and regularly run cars with ordinary guide flags.

    To ease people into trying 1/43 slot car rallying I will run 2 classes:

    1/ 1/43 scale models of any actual car that competed in the Monte Carlo Rally between 1950 and 1986. There will be concours marks for the cars in this class that will count towards the overall result. I will go into more detail about eligable cars, available bodies, wheels etc in future posts.

    2/ Ready to run 1/43 Carrera GO and SCX Compact rally cars. (Only rally cars} These will need replacement rear tyres to help them on the steep gradients, and may require a little added weight and some trimming of the guide pin. I will go into more detail later.

    That gives you 9 months, so plenty of time to build your rally team, you know you want to!

    Regards, Lloyd

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    Awesome!!! I may have to enter this!


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      Thanks Chuck, I will post the rules on here as well.

      Regards, lloyd.


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        The challenge

        I`m looking forward to this proxy !!!
        Not only because I will have to build rallye cars for the first time, but these will be specifically built cars for this extraordinary course - long straights, very tight turns.
        A challenging mixture to construct a car that manages both.
        Actually being on holiday I have enough time to brood about it, when the women of our family are on shopping tour...
        I love such challenges.

        Great idea, Lloyd !

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          Thanks Roland, more info to come soon!

          Enjoy the rest of your holiday!

          Regards, Lloyd.


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            Thank you very much, Lloyd.

            Just taken the dwarves with chattering teeth out of the pool - they would have been in there until the New Year had been ringed in, no matter how blue their lips were...

            I wish you and all the others here a Happy New Year !



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              This is exciting. I am new but this should give me plenty of time. Any more rules?



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                No more rules G, but I will soon be putting up some guidance about what works and what doesnt work on this track.

                Regards, Lloyd.


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                  How about links to track pics as well (please)?

                  Never built a 1/43 but this is interesting to me...



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                    Hello Chris, I am not able to post photos on here any more and am not sure if I am allowed to post links to other sites, so I will PM you some links soon.

                    regards, Lloyd.


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                      Got the links Lloyd. Thanks.

                      Will poke around over the next few weekends and see what I might be able to put together.

                      This looks very interesting!:



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                        Thanks Chris.

                        Regards, Lloyd.


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                          Some notes and comments for the entrants to the 1st 1/43 Little Monte Carlo Rally proxy which will take place on 22nd September 2018.

                          I was unable to find enough good photos showing the different sections of the track, but I have found this rather shaky video that I made a while back. It is not an easy track to drive and video at the same time, so please forgive the sometimes erratic movement of the car in places, but it does give a reasonable idea of the layout.


                          You will see that the car is a FIAT 500 and it is on a Micro Scalextric HO chassis fitted with swivel guide and urethane rear tyres. It laps well but, with such a short wheelbase, it does try to spin easily.

                          ,My biggest car is a 63 Ford Falcon, which can lap quite quickly, but does make contact with the scenery in many places!

                          Pin guide or swivel guide?

                          On the steep climbing sections, a pin guide works as well, and sometimes better than a swivel guide. On one or two of the tight downhill turns, cars with a pin guide can be easier to spin out, but not always. My test cars have included Carrera GO and Artin cars with slightly thinned pin guides, and they often did well Overall I consider cars fitted with swivel guides to have a very slight advantage but, on a 2015 stage of a Carrera GO rally proxy on this track, the winner had a pin guide and the second placed car had a swivel guide!

                          Guide placement

                          Due to the tightnesss of the turns, a guide mounted near to the front axle, either behind or in front, makes the car easier to rotate around the turns. Having said that, I have plenty of cars with more forward located guides that get round just fine.

                          What doesnt work?

                          The cars that I have had the least success with are cars with:

                          Too long a wheelbase and very little overhang. Citroen DS 19s and 21s from the 50s and 60s come to mind. These are very hard to slide around the very tight turns.

                          Too little ground clearance. Cars do not need unusually high ground clearance, any standard car works ok, but a low and long chassis may bottom out in places.

                          Wheels sticking out of wheel arches, especially the rears. Any contact with the scenery, especially on the exit of tight turns, by a rotating tyre, will result in the car jumping the slot. So keep them within the bodywork please.

                          Cars carrying too much ballast.The rear of the car needs to be able to slide around the tight turns, too much ballast can stop this happening and prevent the car from completing a lap.

                          To sum up.

                          The easiest cars to drive tend to be medium sized with urethane rear tyres and a little added weight on the top of the chassis, behind the guide and either side of the motor.

                          This does not mean that you should not enter small cars or large cars, Mercedes 220 SE for instance, but experience so far does seeem to favour the middle range. But who knows what will happen on the day/s? Send what you want to and lets have some fun!

                          Just one extra note, please dont send you prescious shelf queens, this is a rally!

                          I have probably missed out some points, so please feel free to ask or comment!

                          Good luck to you all.

                          Regards, Lloyd.


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                            Ok, time to start the entry list.

                            Please leave your name, number of cars and which class each car will be in. (max 3 cars per entry).

                            If you know the actual cars you are entering it would be nice to know now, but can be added later.

                            Who will be first?


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                              Peter is the first entrant for the 2018 1/43 Little Monte Carlo Rally Proxy in September, who's next?

                              Regards, Lloyd