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1/43 Slot car builder's resource thread.

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  • 1/43 Slot car builder's resource thread.

    Just lately there has been a renewed interest in 1/43 slotcars, and I have been asked a lot recently, 'where can I buy the parts to build 1/43 cars with?'

    So here you go! I will post known suppliers and my list of resin bodyshells, and encourage others to do the same, based on their experience. Hopefully we can all learn of new products and suppliers.

    I will be posting this thread on all of the 1//43 forums.

    1/43 only please!

    Firstly, Carsten Golletz, trading as Cargo Customs, has gone a long way towards filling the void after the loss of our previous running gear supplier, Ranch Design. Based in Germany, but ships worldwide, Carsten replies promptly to emails if you cant find what you are looking for on this German language site:

    Both Peter Pfister (pfuetze) and Marc Tyler (Immense Miniatures do excellent 3D printed chassis that can be ordered through their Shapeways shops:



    Some of us find some parts used in static 1/43 resin models useful, especially the turned aluminium wheels. David, of Gemini models in Italy has proved to be very helpful:

    I hope you find this helpful, but please feel free to add any 1/43slot car parts suppliers that you use

    Regards, Lloyd.

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    I will soon be casting another run of my resin bodyshells as in the list below. If you make 1/43 shells, or know somebody who does, please add them to this thread, in that way we will all know what is available.

    Lloyd's 1/43 resin bodyshells


    Alfa Romeo 6C1750.


    Alfa Romeo tipo 159.


    Jaguar D type.


    Ford Popular 103E

    Maserati 250F


    AC Aceca

    Austin Healey Sprite Mk1.


    Renault Dauphine

    Triumph TR3 US racing spec.

    Triumph TR3 with Hardtop.


    Morris Minor.


    Austin Heley 3000.

    Citroen 2CV van.

    Ford Anglia 105E.

    Jaguar E type coupe.

    Volvo PV544.


    Citroen DS19.

    Morris Mini Cooper.

    SAAB 96.


    FIAT 500.

    Ford Mustang notchback.

    Ford Cortina Mk1.

    Hillman Imp.

    Rover 2000.

    Triumph Spitfire Mk2 with hardtop.


    Porsche 904.

    Porsche 911.


    Renault R8.


    Lola T70 Mk111.

    Brabham BT24.


    Ford Escort Mk1 group 2.

    Volvo 122 4 door.



    Lancia Fulvia HF.


    Alpine Renault A110.


    Renault R12.


    Datsun 240Z.

    Lancia Stratos.

    Toyota Celica GT1600.


    Mazda RX3 coupe group2.


    Alfa Romeo tipo 33 SC12.


    VW Golf Mk1.


    Toyota Starlet

    1985 Citroen Visa B.


    Vauxhall/Opel Corsa.


    Peugeot 206CC.

    Vauxhall/Opel Tigra 2.

    *Please note, these are all bare slush cast resin shells and do not, at this stage, come with windows or wheel inserts. I often use the windows and fittings from a donor diecast, or make them with clear plastic packaging or bottles.

    Regards, Lloyd.


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      An excellent and very useful idea.
      If you can put it into practice...

      I had tried it two years ago in the German GO! - forum. Not even a reply that stated an opinion, even less at least one bodyshell...

      I wish you good luck with it.

      Here my actual available shells :

      My shells are cast in two - part - moulds and have either clear cast glass parts (i.e. windows ) or none.

      -79 Firebird T/A ---------------glass
      -69 Firebird ------------------- glass
      -72 Plymouth GTX ------------glass
      -59 El Camino -----------------glass
      -59 Eldorado Biarritz ---------glass
      -64 Mercury Marauder ------ glass
      -64 Impala --------------------glass
      -69 Camaro ------------------glass
      - Lancia Strato ----------------glass
      - Opel Calibra DTM -----------glass
      - Renailt Dauphine ------------glass (?)
      - Seat 1978 (?) -------------- glass
      - 1978 Mazda RX-3 ---------- glass (?)
      - BMW 2002 ------------------glass
      - Ford F 150 Nastruck --------glass
      -48 mercury custom --------no
      -32 Ford ---------------------no
      - freelance hot rod -----------no
      - Fiat 500 ---------------------no
      - Opel Omega DTM -----------no
      - Opel Astra DTM -------------no


      - a set of track marshals in different poses swaying the flag ( not included ) and a race marshal for the checkered flag
      - four grid girls in different sign holding poses
      - a driver sitting on a wheelarch, discussing, relaxing
      - a female biker sitting on the bike, one leg on the floor, helmet separate
      - a set of "vintage" mechanics, arms separate to adapt poses
      - a set of "modern" mechanics
      - a few different V8 engines for hot rods etc.
      - four trucks : Kenworth cabin only, three different post - war - trucks cabin and chassis and glass


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        Bruno at Retro64 in France has grippy urethane tyres for all scales including 1/43. Helpful and prompt service.

        Regards, Lloyd.


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          McMaster-Carr Industrial supply is a great place to score drill rod blanks for axles, as well as desoldering braid for brushes. It's great for a bunch of other stuff too.

          If you are using regular setscrew style crown gears, like parma king crowns, it seems like you need drill rod that is a little under 1/8th inch.


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            I'm also really like fasteddybearings
            I use them for my RC car stuff all the time. They have just about every size of small ball bearing you can think of and most are around $1 a piece.


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              I've used a couple different styles of cutoff saw, and this has been by far the best (and best value).

              It's a 6" diameter abrasive style cutoff saw. You can get it with a coupon for under $40. It will cut steel brake line, #6 all thread (steel), and makes short work of brass tubing sections.

              It's small enough that you can store it on a shelf and just set it up when you need it. When you aren't using it, it doesn't take up much space.

              I started off with this one, and while it will cut brass tubing, that is about it (and it is very slow). I wouldn't recommend buying it:


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                Mr. Moderator Guy -- Could we make this a sticky thread?
                Ed Bianchi


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                  I bought the Dremel motosaw_ the thing is great for plastic or metal- 10 sec what used to take me 1/2 hr with a jewelers saw.


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                    I seem to have a hard time finding small screws at the hardware stores around me. Usually anything smaller than a #4 is a no-go.

                    I found this kit on the big "A" that should be a lifetime supply of them for me:


                    There are 4 different lengths of #2 flat head Phillips drive screws, perfect for self tapping into plastic or wood.


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                      I went looking for information on how to make my own tires, and i found this write up that I followed that worked really well.


                      I used 3D printed parts for my tire masters, but I glued them to the bottom of red plastic cups, just like in the write up.

                      Smooth On is a name brand manufacturer in the US that will direct ship "trial size" quantities of all of their products for a reasonable price. I used their MoldStar 15 product, because I had some on hand from an old project and it I knew it would perform okay. I used Vytaflex 40 as recommended for the tire material, and so far am impressed.

                      The important thing is to not use the same material for your tires and molds. If you are making urethane tires, then you must make silicone molds. If you are making silicone tires, then make urethane molds.


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                        Some good suggestions there Cdub. I am always scratching around for tyres, so it is definitely time for me to have another go at making some. I have heard that Smooth on is a good brand for making urethane tyres, I must get some.

                        Regards, Lloyd.


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                          Originally posted by Cdub View Post

                          The important thing is to not use the same material for your tires and molds. If you are making urethane tires, then you must make silicone molds. If you are making silicone tires, then make urethane molds.

                          Basically - as long as you use a good release agent you can of course cast PU tyres in a PU mould and silicone in silicone as well.


                          N.b.: As a slotracer with scale modeling ambitions - colored tyres are an absolute absurditiy. IMHO
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                            As a slotracer with scale modeling ambitions - colored tyres are an absolute absurditiy.
                            while I agree, usually that is used to ensure people are using "legal" tires. Ortmann uses the color on the inside of the tire so it is not as obvious from the outside but it is unfortunately a necessity.


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                              This is not so relavent in the 1/43 slotcar world as there is no car on car racing, just proxies. It is all for fun and we do not take the proxies too seriously yet.