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Motorific bodies: any good?

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  • Motorific bodies: any good?

    Just wondering if anyone has had any success making a good running car using the Ideal Motorific bodies? There are some very nice bodies I was considering buying. The motor on the Motorific chassis is mounted behind the rear wheels, which makes the rear wheels closer to the middle of the car than a typical slot car. The scale seems to be about 1/43 or bigger, depending on the model.

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    The motor is the back because these are battery operated cars, and the batteries goes where
    the motor is in inline chassis.

    All the bodies uses the same chassis which means that all the bodies are same width and got same wheelbase, about 63mm.

    Some bodies got better proportions than others and some are more closer to scale than others.

    I have converted lot of them in many ways.

    Shortened Carrera F1 chassis, shortened SCX chassis and brass chassis.

    There is lot of cars that got shorter wheelbase and for example SCX NASCARS got longer rear.

    These bodies often got glue marks but all the chrome parts can be removed which makes
    painting the body pretty easy.

    Here is a Mustang that I just recently painted.

    Hard to say what works for you, if you find some bodies for good price just try yourself.



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      Nice job on the Mustang! How do they run? Do you think the big back end my cause any issues on the turns (no mag)?


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        Thanks, Mustang runs great.

        I don't think that that back end is a big problem, lot more depends how good tires you got
        and how good chassis you got.

        Just for comparison here's the Mustang with Heller Jaguar and AMT Ford Torino.

        Rear of the Mustang looks bigger because the bottom is flat due the motor
        but it isn't really huge.


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          The Motorific version of the Mustang always rubbed me the wrong way with that extra long quarter panel/trunk section, my being a FORD guy probably has a little to do with that opinion, too. I've managed to adapt some of the Ideal bodies to the Aurora Super Model Motoring Thunderjet 500 chassis, which is supposed to be "O" gauge, about 1/48 scale. The front axle assembly on the Aurora chassis can be moved around a bit, even beyond the factory holes in the chassis. The 1964 FORD Country Squire wagon was one of the better ones produced for the Motorific line. I saved myself an assortment of their bodies for this use and sold off all the extra cars, chassis, sets, and accessories I had in my collection a few years ago at a slot car show.
          As stated earlier in this post, some of these bodies can be had at a reasonable enough price to try some experimenting for yourself. I know a guy on Long Island that has some of the Barracuda bodies for sale, red with black top if I remember correctly. PM me if you're interested.
          Enjoy -- Ernie :>)


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            Thanks for all the info. The Mustang looks just about the right scale. There are a number of these motorific bodies on US ebay for sale.


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              RE: motorific

              Some are better then others. Scale varies wildly, because Motorific and Racerific bodies had to conform to standardized chassis dimensions.
              SO, Larger cars tend to be of a smaller scale and Smaller cars tend to be a larger scale.
              A few end up being close to 1/43, but I'd say they average 1/38 to 1/40 scale.

              I think it would be nice if somebody who designs these Shapeways printed chassis, popped out some chassis to fit these and use, modern wheels and running gear. I have been intending to do it, but who the heck knows when I'll have time!?


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                Hello Mas, Marc's Immense Miniature 3d chassis are adjustable and easy to use, especially if yo use the with his sprung body mounts!

                Regards, Lloyd.


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                  RE: Chassis

                  Originally posted by Lloyd.L View Post
                  Hello Mas, Marc's Immense Miniature 3d chassis are adjustable and easy to use, especially if yo use the with his sprung body mounts!

                  Regards, Lloyd.

                  Yes, I have some of Marc's Chassis, but I was referring to something specifically made to fit; "Plug & Play", With the standardized nature of Motorifics, It could be a mini gold mine and a quick, easy way to get a lot of these old bodies up and running again.