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Urgent question- thickness of carrera Go!

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  • Urgent question- thickness of carrera Go!

    Came across some 6mm or 8mm foam board I can buy right now for making a border/apron for nomag racing. Anyone know the thickness of Carrera 1/43 GO? I thought it was 8mm but am unsure and can't find it anywhere online. If only I had a piece of track and my calipers!

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    According to a German forum I googled it is 6 mm.
    Same as SCX Compact


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      Thanks- I ordered the 6mm thick neoprene foam. I was able to get a measurement last night of the Carrera track and the calipers measured 1/4" exactly at the thickest part of the track (6.39mm). However, as it is a EU product- that can't be right- it must be 6mm so I am keeping the order. Better too thin than too thick for borders.

      Seems that the people that sell stuff for Cosplay (dressing up as comic book and video game characters) have some great quality neoprene foam (smooth and dense) for reasonable prices.