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  • Hand controller ?

    Has anyone tried with any success the Aurora
    Control plus with power dial for adjustable ohm control
    on a Carrera Go track and cars? 35-70 ohms
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    I haven't but Go sets need a non turbo controller that is decent.


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      the go!plus system is different.
      you canīt use "normal" resistor hand controllers on it.
      it seems to me that they are using pulse-width-modulation for the voltage controll inside the power-track-piece.
      measured the controller resistance, itīs about 10kOhm if i remember right.


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        Professor motor 35 ohm controller

        Has anyone used the 35 ohm controller for Carrera Go 1/43 scale cars and track.


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          There is discussion of how to rewire a Go!! track on this forum in several different threads.

          Yes, the Aurora adjustable controller works great with Go!! cars, if you rewire the track. I use them for Go!! cars on my track as part of my normal setup.

          I've tested a few different resistances in my Parma Turbo controller as well, with a variety of different Go!! and other cars, and 35 Ohms is about as low as you want to go, but it does work pretty well.


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            Thank you, please if you can post the thread on how to rewire thank you.


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              Also will the Aroura Control Plus work well with my Kyosho dslot 1/43 cars, some with x-speed motors and some stock motors. Thank you.


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                I just did the exact modification and it worked great. See my previous post on how:

                My only note is that the voltage was too high for running mag-less cars (Carrera, Kyoto, etc...) and I needed to dial down the voltage with an external lamp dimmer (unregulated- but am looking at getting a regulated power supply or separate unregulated for each lane).

                Also need to make sure you are using an older Carrera Go! control track without the current limiting polyfuse or you have to deal with it:


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                  . I change my Carrera stock controller and wall port out to a train transformer and a Parma controller. I have found better performance and handling well on the curves . I used this diagram


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                    Conversion complete

                    Aurora Control Plus controllers 35-70 ohms and power
                    stream 12-24 volts 7.5 amps variable power supply have been fully
                    implemented into my Carrera go set. It is
                    working very well, smooth and fast.