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  • Peterīs cars ...

    not to start a single topic for each new car, i decided to start a post with my scratchbuilt (and maybe other) new cars

    Letīs start with the Renault R5 Turbo ...

    The #11 from 1985 wannabee ...

    Renault R5 Turbo - Heller kit on scratchbuilt sheet styrene chassis
    motor mabuchi 11170, 8 tooth crown from china M0.5, crown 20 tooth 2mm from china M0.5mm, 2mm axle from china, 3D printed rear wheels with wheel inserts made from the kit wheels.
    front wheels - aluminium screw on wheels from ranch-design, inserts from kit wheels.
    driver figures from Vroom (ebay)
    spray paint with tamaya yellow, homemade decals on laser decal paper, clear coat with revell aquacolor and brush
    SlideGuide from

    hope this finds Lloydīs approvement for the Little Monte proxy ...
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    Nice Job


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      Amazing work Peter. What are you using for tires on these cars? Did the drivers figures come with the Heller kit?


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        thanks guys!

        cdub, iīm using CarGo HighGrip tires from as rear tires.
        the front came from RanchDesign with the wheeels.

        driver figures - i got them from ebay - seller is Vroom - some great figures in 1/43rd.


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          added the missing decal on the rear window, tail pipes and some spacers between the chassis and body for the overall look ...
          lubed and greased - ready for the Little Monte!


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            At least I will be able to see it when it is at the far end of the mountain!

            Regards, Lloyd.