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Motorizing 1/43rd Die Cast Cars

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  • Motorizing 1/43rd Die Cast Cars

    Here in the USA it is not uncommon to see a display of die-cast cars in a retail store. I've seen 1/43rd, 1/32nd and even 1/24th. Despite being on the toy side of the die-cast spectrum, many of these models look rather sharp. There is often a wide selection of prototypes, from retro machines to current street hardware, through muscle cars, exoticars and racers.

    Now I've already had success with one project motorizing die-cast cars -- the Wingmaster Sprints. Not only are the bodies gorgeous, but when motorized they become respectable racing machines. The bodies are faithful 1/50th scale renditions of actual sprint cars. They run very well on routed HO tracks. On a banked oval they are right at home. Huge fun to race a full field of them.

    I don't see any point in motorizing the 1/32nd scale die-cast cars. There are too many beautiful renditions on offer in that scale. But 1/43rd has not nearly as many good race-ready models available. Motorized die-cast cars in that scale might prove to be popular.

    I've found one company, 'Lucky' that has a number of 1/43rd scale die-cast cars. Other names are 'Hamilton Collection', 'Greenlight', 'Bburago', 'First Response' and 'Maxichamps'. Prices online are within reason for this project.

    Of course die-cast cars are not going to be competitive with made-for-racing slotcars, but some of the body options are just very, very cool.

    Now folks might think the last thing I need is another project -- and they're right. But this is how neat things happen. The Wingmaster Sprints started with me gawking at a GMP die-cast sprint, lifted off a hook in a model shop. My thought, "I think I could fit a motor in there".

    Turned out I was right!

    Interest? Particular 1/43rd die-cast cars you'd like to see motorized?

    Ed Bianchi
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    motorized 1/43rd diecast car are fun when run together on the track!
    if using the small, Carrera Go! sized motor (FF-030) - i would not use a magnet as the load on the motor will get warm very fast otherwise.


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      Hi Folks,

      I am interested because I think there is a need for using slot cars with trains, to "round out" a layout. I always thought that it seemed like something was missing when only the trains moved o a layout. I have motorized 3 die-cast 1/43 cars for use with the trains, and although they can still race, I use a motor that runs at a lower rpm so I can get a speed more like a regular street traffic with a fixed low voltage or PWM. It is a lot of work fitting your slot car chassis in the die-cast shell, and as I get older, it becomes more difficult. I'd like to see some manufacturer do 1950s era cars in 1/43 slot.

      I think that any manufacturer of slot cars would benefit from making 1/43 slots that look like regular non-racing cars, just for the train hobbyist. But the train manufacturers think introducing the idea of using slots with trans will reduce their revenue. After all, if a train hobbyist branches out into slots, that hobbyist's is now moving his/her hobby spending to another company. I actually feel it would re-energize the train hobby and everyone would benefit. I'd like to see Carrera or someone do a 1957 Chevy.

      Links to my projects I have posted before:

      Take car, Joe
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        A lot of us 1/43 fan have an do put die cast on the track. It rewarding . I have done lots of die-cast.


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          I would love to see some classic street cars, not racer cars/stock cars.
          Mustangs, Chargers, and more stuff like Joe Pauls above.


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            Old school nas car

            THESE TWO cars ARE NOT DIECAST