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  • Something different

    Why not trucks ?

    Variety is the spice of life.

    These were my latest castings: Three post - war trucks, a Cuda and a variety of drivers.

    Quite a lot of silicone, isnīt it ?

    A closer look. Not reworked yet.

    The glass parts will be cast this afternoon.


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    Great work Roland, you have inspired me to start casting again.

    Regards, Lloyd.


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      Wow, that is a lot of silicone! Impressive work.

      I just tried my first resin body castings from a silicone mold. They came out okay, but not great. I did not use vacuum or pressure, and I believe i had issues with the air bubbles expanding during casting (the resin seemed to expand a lot overall).

      I've not tried the windows yet. Any tips/tricks for making the molds for the windows?


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        mold glassparts

        The glassparts are done the same way as the cars.

        The main trick is to keep patient.
        Take resins with a longer pot life, more than ten minutes, this enables the micro bubbles to leave the mould better ( more time to rise ) and you are able to fill the mould slower.

        I have never ever used pressure or vacuum, and bubbles also have never be a noticeable problem.