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ProNoMag 2019 - 24.2.2019

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  • ProNoMag 2019 - 24.2.2019

    ProNoMag 2019 - 24.2.2019

    Date: February 24, 2019

    number of cars per entrant: max. 3
    The track: app. 78ft. 3 lane wood track, latex paint, copper tape for the rails - magnets have no effect
    the race: race will be run in lane 1 and 3, 25 laps practice, 25 laps race, the slowest 5 times will be deleted
    the power supply: each lane has a seperate adjustable powersupply, 1.25 to 19V @ 3 Amp available
    the timing: IR light bridge and laptimer 2000
    the controllers: available controllers: 90/75/60 ohm parma eco, 45/35/25 Parma eco, 25/18/13 parma eco, 15/11/8 parma eco, i will choose the controller where the car is driveable as its best during the practice laps.
    entry fee: 15 Euro (is used for return shipping of car)

    1) car must be approximately 1/43rd
    2) max. width 50.8mm
    3) no fluid may leak out, no grease, oil or braid juice may pollute the track, no tire glue or similar
    4) teams may ask for a special voltage where the car should be run.
    the standard racing voltage depends on the motor. I will run all cars @ 12V, SCX and Carrera motors @15V, G9330 & [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
    5) car must have a body that looks like a car, race look prefered, but not necessary
    6) no silicone tires, rubber and PU are fine
    7) no pin guides (like carrera or artin)
    8) all tires have to touch the track
    9) cars must run 20 qualitfication laps on lane 1 prior to the race. Cars must get a fastest lap in this heat under 13 seconds to qualify for the race. Please don´t worry about this rules, stock SCX or Kyosho cars can do it easily. Only the fastest 20 cars from the qualifying will run the race. qualifying times will be posted with the race times.

    concours de elegance: the best looking car will be voted by the host and get a special price.

    wide open rules again, ladies and gentleman, so build your fastest, smoothest 1/43rd car for this race. just tune your stock SCX car a little and maybe blow the doors off all others, built something that was not seen before, it´s up to you.
    Who will have the fastest car?

    list of prizes by now:

    have fun, Peter

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    I must start building my Pronomag cars now, I must start building my Pronomag cars now, I must start building my Pronomag cars now, I must start bu................................................ .................................................. ..........................

    Regards, Lloyd


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      bump ...

      a small reminder - if anyone should be interested ....


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        Many thanks to Tilo for sponsoring the great trophies for the race!

        Tilo also sponsored this great bodies and prizes for the race:

        Along with the trophies, Tilos cars arrived at the Desmo:


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          these are the first 2 of my cars for this years race. will work on them a little, Mini will get a new chassis to hopefully eliminate some of the quite loud running sound.


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            prizes for the race ...

            donated from the Puddle Race Team


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                Claus cars arrived today! funny little and big cars!

                many thanks for the Beetle als prize!


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                  Claus sent 2 box motors as prizes - thanks!

                  Akis cars from Finland came today:

                  cars from America - been a long time since the last cars came over the pond - 2015 i think - from CDub - open slot car design.

                  Daniels cars from Germany also came today - a great day for racing ;-)

                  thanks for the prize, Daniel!


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                    prizes from Aki:


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                      the Nascars had some laps to get the track going ....

                      Slotti spent some nice prizes ...

                      and - of course - his race cars! nice AGM Alfa and a very nice Renault RS01
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                        cars from Ingos and Dusans arrived today.

                        i really hope that there is enough rubber on the rims for the race


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                          Uwes cars arrived today. I remember the truck from a previous proxy - and that are good memories!

                          Lloyds car also came today, late as always ;-) The Benz looks great and im already curious how it will run.

                          Many thanks for the bodies, they make great prizes!


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                              Welcome to the Race!

                              We want to welcome all racer to the Desmo! Track conditions are great, i think we will see a great race here.
                              be afraid of breakdowns, disqualifications and crashes in general.
                              And look forward to .................speed!