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    Nice builds! I have a question, what is the purpose of the thing in the axle, and its purpose ( pointed by the red arrow)? I mean I know what it is but are you using it as weight as well or just to keep the pinion/crown aligned? Do you see a big difference? Cheers. 20190408_132915.jpg
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      the ring is used to center the rear axle. otherwise the wheels would rub the chassis and pinion could loose contact with the crown.
      itīs the standard alunimium gear hub, with the flange removed to fit 1:43 dimensions.


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        Hi Peter,

        Luv those Minis - particularly the little utes. Regards Chas Le Breton (charlesx)


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          Vac-formed Lotus Exige body, 0.5mm PETG
          2 chassis for the same body, one with a 1.5mm polystyrene chassis plate, one with a 1mm brass plate
          2.38mm axles, printed wheels, printed motor holder and guide holder, printed guide
          fixed with 1.4mm screws
          body painted from the inside with Revell aquacolor colors, homeprinted decals applied from the outside, fixed with clear revell aquacolor.

          running on the smooth surface of the Desmo, the light plastic chassis is handling way better than the heavy brass chassis. not too much difference in the laptimes, right now, there are only 0,3secondes difference in laptimes, 9,4 for the plastic, 9,7 for the brass. both could need some tuning, but now itīs time to run this little car like there is no tomorrow!


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            Porsche 356 - paint & decals by Tilo (dillerman2)
            the is a really tiny car, itīs closer to an Austin Mini than to any other car...
            runs nice and smooth.
            and yes, on the first pictures it shows that the chassis is not set up 100% by now as the front wheel is lifting ;-)


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              Wow They all Look Fantastic.