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3Dprinted Adapter for rotating guides - including installation pictures

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  • 3Dprinted Adapter for rotating guides - including installation pictures

    after many thoughts and with the help from a friend in Hamburg - here it is: the adapter for a rotating guide on Go!cars.
    all you need to do is cut a hole 21 by 21mm where the normal pickup is sitting. the is a glueing adapterplate included to get the height right.
    avalable with 2 variants of body holders - a one-piece holder to be glued in the middle of the body, with one body mounting screw.
    and the already known body holders - 2pcs to be glued to the sides of the bodies - as you will need to remove the original front body holder where carrera insists that this is the best place.
    the included guide is designed to be used with braid, im using the original braid from the go! cars.
    i recommend using high flexible silicone wires as motor cables which need to be soldered to the motor.

    installation of the adapter:
    cut a hole 21x21mm where the pickup is sitting.
    put the glueing adapter under the adapter - the height is right now - and glue the adapter itself with 2K epoxy, super glue, hot glue, what ever to the chassis.
    check where you can glue the body holder
    install braid and motor wires
    and you got a car with a rotating guide!

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    Nice looking design! I look forward to seeing installation photos.


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      Any installation pics? Thanks


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        i will copy the pics to here later, here s a link in the meantime


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