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Aftermarket tires for 1/43 slot cars

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  • Aftermarket tires for 1/43 slot cars

    I mainly race 1/32 cars but several years ago I bought a few 1/43 cars, Dslot, Carrera and SCX to race with a friend. He has since passed away and the cars sat in a drawer unused. Recently another friend has been coming over to race and he has several 1/43 cars so I got mine out only to discover that most of the tires are hard as rocks and useless. After searching the internet I haven't been able to find a vendor that carries tires for these slot cars. I knew that 1/43 cars don't have the popularity of 1/32 or 1/24 scale cars but I am surprised to discover the lack of a source for tires. So, do any of you 1/43 racers know of a source for tires, front and rear, rubber or urethane.

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    The only aftermarket tires for 1/43rd cars that I can think of are Gel Claws, Electric Dreams sells those. Gel Claws are not rubber, silicone or urethane, they are made of EPDM, which is also used for car window gaskets.


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      These are both good suppliers of 1/43 tyres Bob:


      Regards, Lloyd.


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        Lloyd already posted the tires of my choice:

        Carstens HighGripTires work really good!