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FINALE-The 2010 LMS/ALMS & F1 Proxy Series Sponsored by SCX!!!!!!!!

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    Results and Points Through Race 3

    Man it is close in every class. 3 races down and 3 to go, at HPR (reverse direction from the first race), The Bandauring in NY and a new raceway in Charleston, SC! Race 3 was in Canada.
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      Hey, just saw this...

      And I don't mean to cause trouble... (Maybe I do... )
      G.a) Injection molded or resin bodies and vacuum formed but no blow molded bodies, of 1/43d scale.

      Isn't a vacuum formed body techically a blow molded body?
      Sorry, couldn't resist... (But maybe I should have...)

      The series sounds like a lot of fun. Have fun with it!



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        Results Through Race 4! It's Close!

        F1 was the race this weekend. LT Vince entered his Ferrari for the last 3 races and garnered 2d place. Broman's McLaren is really coming on strong in the last half of the season and the Lotus, unlike it's 1:1 counterpart is starting to move.
        In GT it is still anyone's race and in LMP, Cap'n Jodi is running away. Although will rear wing repair after the bash after the S/F line slow it up?
        On to the Brandauring, which is the longest and fastest course on the schedule.

        Steve, blow molded is like blowing glass bottles. Vac form is the opposite.
        The rules are from Robert Livingstone, with changes for 1/43d.


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          Race 5 Results and F1 Really Gets Closeer!

          The Brandauring, the longest and fastest track in the Series, really revealed some interesting results. Especially as EZ Ed's McLaren finally took a win and set a new track record.
          For you McLaren fans, they are 1,2,& 3 in the points! Bet Mr. Whitmarsh would like to see a 1-2 in points soon!


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            I'm going to try to be serious for a minute !!!

            I would like to thank all the hosts!! Not just on this race circuit but all proxy races.... Not for just doing a job (I know I do not have the skills to do) but for doing an Super JOB.!!

            My hat is truly off to youespecially Cent for organizing this great race!!!!

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              WOW! Thanks Mike! But remember, no races without entrants.


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                Race 6 and Final Results for 2010!

                Congrats to all the entrants!
                This was a very close series and was definitely a testimony to set up a car for an "average" track. Capn Jodi seemed to do that best as her LMP Lola Mazda dominated the series in that class.
                F1 was a real shoot out and if BarFly's gear hadn't gone in the last race, I think we would have seen different results there.
                GT was a barn burner to the end, and again, reliability played a great part in winning this class. In regard to GT, LT Vince has announced the retirement of his Ferrari 550 after 3 years of dominance of this series and the HPRA races. (A collective sigh of relieve????? )
                Prizes and cars will be mailed NLT Thursday. You will find a very nice prize either from SCX for the 1st 3 in class (except CJent) or for 4th place down a American Slot Car World award.
                Job well done, gang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                Here's pictures from Devils Bend Raceway, in Charleston, SC:

                F1 Podium and Field:

                GT Podium and Field:

                LMP Podium and Field: