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W'sMRC(7): track cost (2017/11/14 update)

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    Originally posted by pl9171 View Post
    So here's my point; from the moment than you "play", "build" the track and "explain/show" to your classmate, well, this track become priceless... (in my opinion)
    yea... and congrats to the kid... but the set up is not cheap... I'm still looking around. any latest video from track? thanks paul


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      Originally posted by pl9171 View Post
      Thanks a lot guys for your comments. My son really, really appreciates... (priceless for him!)

      I've got a couple of pm questions in regard of the 30352 CU connections to the 143 track. I have never show the little job;

      1- Unsolder the golden connections pieces (+,-; red, black) from each lane in the back of the start/finish 132 track.

      2- Remove the lap time scencors by just pulling them.

      3-Open the backward panel of the CU (no more Carrera warranty... But we still used the same since 2011... My daughter drops a glass of orange juice last year on it and he's still working) for stretching a bit the wires.

      4- Drill at the right place (approx 2,5 mm from the stainless... very important, because the lap times won't work) the little holes for the lap sensors (blue and yellow wires)

      5- Soldered the connections pieces (+,-; red, black) to each lane. On both sides, right and left. Choose the good racing direction.

      6- Insert the lap timing sensors in the holes. I used a very basic tuck tape for fixing it... It looks like a brawl of every thing but it still solid and working since 2011;

      (7)- I insert a power tap (green wire) for my outside lane because I had a little lack of power in 2012.

      8- The refueling sensor is on Post #25 of the thread. This sensor can be far away from the CU and the cars will still refueled.

      Happy racing.
      Wow and thank you. This is very instructive and detailed overview of the 143 to 132 CU conversion. I anticipate doing that to get the whole family racing on one set of tracks. Digital 143 limits me to 3 racers (and guess who would likely be sitting out as the nice guy in the family), and 132 is too large for my limited space in the play room.