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    For a few months now a few of us who race 1/24 cars have talked about building a Carerra Go track to use when we don't have access to our regular track. We like the looks of the cars, and there seem to many options when it comes to track pieces.

    Surfing around doing research, most of the tracks that I've found pictures of seems to follow the model of how much track can you fit into a given area. Has anyone built a track that is more "scale" in appearance? Something that flows more like a real track? We're not thinking of building something too large, just a 2-lane track thath we can have some friendly racing on.

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    Hi there!!
    You can follow my 1/43 wood track in the Routed tracks forum, I am doing a replica of Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve of Montreal Canada, as you mention your looking for "real flow tracks", I bet you will find what you are looking for!

    A quick Overview: I am working on the Pitlane details right now:


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      Neat track! But what we're looking for is something using Carrera track, we're not looking to route anything (yet).


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        You will be closer to a scale track with wood, but yes you can definitely get close with Carrera tracks.
        But I suggest SCX compact cars with rotating guides like 1/32 or 1/24 cars.


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          First thing I would recommend not using the standard curves (R1) that comes with most sets just get R2 & R3 curves & then add borders all around the layout (make your own?)

          As for the cars get some SCX compact cars like JF said or Kyosho 1/43 cars (Dslot43) you can also get some 3D printed chassis for this scale which a flag guide can be added...

          If you & your friends don't mind so work you could always do a 3 lanes layout , like I did before...




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            You'll be able to build a really nice 2 laner using all the different GO!!! radii. Plus the chicane section is awesome and is a larger radius over the R3 to keep it interesting. From memory there's 4 different lengths of straight too.

            All the best
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