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and another chassis for FF050 motors ...

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  • and another chassis for FF050 motors ...

    the adjustable wheel base chassis for FF050 motors is ready! it was easier than expected to upscale the FF030 adjustable wheel base chassis.
    again with 2 different options for mounting the body: 2 body stems or 4 pcs body holders on the side of the motor (i prefer this solution).
    3mm brass rods or tubes to be used for connecting the parts of the chassis.

    will order it after christmas from shapeways to give it the first try & fit and report ....


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    1st an 030 and now a 050! Awesome, Peter!


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      You should post this in the 132 scale forum as well. This Chassis and motor combo would be of great interest to them for the smaller 132 cars.




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        Exactly where might one be able to find/order this chassis?

        Would be great for really small and close to scale 1/32 scale cars like the Lotus Type 14 Elite, Lotus 23, even Bugeye Sprite.


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          Hi tlbrace,
          the chassis is available on shapeways.
          i did not try it out, if anyone like to be a beta-tester ...

          @Dan: yeah, i know, but first i want to have one of these in my hands and try it on my track ...


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            Talking of FF050 motor... Just want to add a point here.

            From what I understand, FF050 is a bit heavier than FF030. Could be not a bad idea in a Go chassis. I mean, couple of Go chassis (Bumblebee, 911,...) are too much lightweight and there's enough room left to fit those motors. (in my opinion)

            Thanks for sharing. Great job and schema. Really.


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              PL, i know that i will get a Austin Mini Pickup (1:43!) for the ProNoMag with a FF050 built into it, so there is enough space in EVERY 1:43rd car for this motor

              thanks for the flowers!
              The FF030 Universal chassis is already runing great on my track