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Wingmaster Sprint Mark 2

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  • Wingmaster Sprint Mark 2

    I debated whether to post this in the HO slotcar forum or the 1/43rd. But since these models are supposed to be 1/50th scale, I decided to post here. Just the same, there are quite a few HO tracks with a wide enough lane spacing that you can race them.


    A couple of years ago I came across a brand of die-cast sprint car models, made by GMP (Georgia Marketing and Promotions) and my first thought was, "I bet I could motorize these!"

    So I did. I asked for help online coming up with a name for my cars. "Wingmaster Sprint" was the winner. The guy who suggested the name got the first production car as a prize.

    The Wingmasters were popular. But I ran out of motors and could not buy any more except for far too much money on eBay. On top of that the die-cast models went out of production too. Fortunately they are still available on eBay, and often for sensible prices.

    On the off chance I could make more Wingmasters in future, I've lurked on eBay, snatching up bodies when they were available at a decent price. I have about 40 in inventory now.

    Just the other day I found a new motor that is small enough, but powerful enough, to drive a Wingmaster. It is an N20 can motor, about 3.5 ohms, with rare-earth magnets and carbon brushes -- basically a miniature slot car motor. I fit one into a Wingmaster and, yes, it is every bit as powerful as the original motor, only about half the size. It doesn't even break a sweat running on 12 volts, or even 18. Barely heats up at all.

    So now I am gearing up to make another run of Wingmaster Sprints. The folks who bought ones from me originally have been begging for more, so I should have no trouble selling them.

    I have pasted in a YouTube video showing my prototype in detail and in action. Enjoy!

    Ed Bianchi
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    I have run the original Wingmaster Sprints a number of times, they look great and are a blast to drive. They even fit on my MaxTrax, which has wider spacing and shoulders than regular HO tracks.

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      Ed, are you going to announce availability here?



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        Yes! Watch this space...
        Ed Bianchi


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          Most Excellent, Ed!...

          Thanks for the video...



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            those are great looking cars, Ed!
            have you got info on the motor, where to buy those?
            what gears are you using in those?


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              Turning the Crank...

              I ordered, and have received, the parts I need to make 50 Wingmaster chassis. I've assembled 16 chassis this afternoon. I've gotten the assembly process dialed in now, so the remaining chassis should go faster.

              I still need to order crown and pinion gears. I have everything else I need to build 50 running chassis in inventory. And about 40 of the diecast bodies.

              Stay tuned...

              Ed Bianchi


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                I have managed to purchase 4 of your originals on the second hand market. 2 off ebay and two from Mike at the Midwest Slot show.

                I'd definitely like to get at the very least one of the newer versions.


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                  Those N20 motors have a lot more power than you would expect. I have one in my HO Landshark gravity car and I have to choke back on it to make the car drivable. I got some motors directly from China, but the link to them has gone dead. Lucky Bob's had these motors, but they are out of stock. I thought I had bookmarked another link, but I can't find it now.
                  Lifelike T car pinion gears will fit these motors.