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Switch from HO to 143? What made you do it?

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    Originally posted by Wood0209 View Post
    I know Carrera makes Mario Kart + The only reason I'd ever consider upgrading to digital is so that all three of us could race together. Though I also understand that requires some modifications to get the Go! cars digitized.

    Talking of Mario Kart (and kids cars...) and digital, I am unable to put a D143 chip on Mario small chassis. More than that, Mario is a bit hard to handle on analog track; short chassis, high body, to much lightweight and I am unable to sand the tires correctly because of the thread tires...

    On the other hand, from my 5 last testing Go car years, Spyder man is maybe one of the best handling cars out of the box (not too lightweight, well balanced) and my son's new favorite car. Nice looking kid car too; (enough room for a chip)

    Now for your 3x6,6 layout... You have a good start. For the set? There's so many local ads of Carrera go.... I would buy bunch of tracks and built in and test some analog GO and SCX cars by the same way. Stock SCX are pretty good (still hold my track record) And maybe upgrade later with a D143 control box and D143 stock car for playing with family (very personal proposition... )

    Have a nice day

    Note: we are still playing and having fun on the same digital track since 2011... It can't be wrong.


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      Hi Wood0209, welcome to the addiction that is 1/43 slotcars!

      Whether you just want a slotcar set to play with, with the kids, or for yourself, or to build a fully scenic layout with fine scale model cars, figures buildings, 1/43 is a great way to go!

      There are plenty of folks on here who have gone the digital route as well, so lots of expertise there if you need it.

      Anything you want to know, just ask!

      Regards, Lloyd.