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Carrera Digital Chip 26732 IR LED Replacement

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  • Carrera Digital Chip 26732 IR LED Replacement

    I have a couple of 26732 chips that are in need of replacement IR LED sensors (lane change, lap counting etc) and cannot get any input on replacements. I have contacted Carrera USA and was told there are no replacement parts they could provide. Does anyone know of a supplier I can get these from?

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    Here you go:


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      I went to the Digikey website and put in the part# qec122-nd as given in the other thread and it says it is obsolete.


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        I found them at a place called It says they have 15,000+ in stock. it says to leave your info and quantity and they will get back to you with a price and shipping cost.
        I would rather the part and price be on a page.


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          Thanks for the input, I did find new old stock QEC122 after allot of searching along with ideas from this forum.
          I have not received them yet, hoping they will work properly. Will followup after receiving and installing them.


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            I bought some IR LED's off the auction site several years ago that worked fine. Other companies make the same specification IR LED's, you just have to be sure they are close in specification. If I remember correctly the factor that was most difficult to match was the emission angle, tighter is better, don't choose one with a 20 degree emission angle/bandwith because the beam is not focused enough.


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              Carrera 26732 IR LED Replacement

              Got the Fairchild QEC122 new old stock and installed in my 26732 chip and it worked like a champ. Main thing is to observe polarity (longer leg on led is positive) and your good to go.The big problem is finding them.Wish I could help with that but they are out there so if you are persistent enough it should pay off.
              You might want to contact Digikey Electronics .... they have in house techs with the expertise to cross reference parts with similar specs. Thanks again for everyones input.


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                So I was putting a Carrera digital chip in a 1/24th scaleauto. I was not sure how far away the led could be from the guide so I decided to remove it and wire it to move it closer to the guide but upon removing it I damaged it, do you guys know what is equivalent to the led as a replacement. I search and only come up with obsolete for the exact one or I only find 940 NM or 850 NM with 20 degree. Any help would be appreciated


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                  Originally posted by runew View Post
                  Got the Fairchild QEC122 new old stock and installed in my 26732 chip and it worked like a champ.
                  Interesting here... (I take note)



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                    I bought a pack of 100 off ebay pretty cheap, seem to work fine.

                    Specs are:

                    Brand: Chanzon

                    3mm IR LED
                    Color: IR 940nm
                    C/V: 20mA 1.2-1.5v