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The Limited Edition Race @ Snyderville Speedway

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  • The Limited Edition Race @ Snyderville Speedway

    We will be putting on a Carrera Digital proxy race in the next couple months where the winner receiving a brand new unopened Carrera Digital Limited Edition Audi DTM 30761.The minimum number of participants will be eight to cover the cost of the prize. This is a proxy where participants must ship their cars in for the event. The entry fee will be $10 per car plus the cost of shipping (to and from).

    Location : Snyderville Speedway

    Date: November 18th, 2017 (Cars must be received no later than November 15th)

    Deadline for Registration and $10 Entry Fee: November 1st (exceptions can be made, pm me with any specific requests)

    Cars: Carrera Digital 1/32 DTM - Please note that duplication of model will not be allowed to avoid confusion. It is first come, first choice.
    - Tires and wheels may be trued and glued ( wheels must be stock)
    - Front tires must be stock rubber tires
    - Rear tires must be Paul Gage urethane tires
    - Cars must have lights and rear wing (If the wing is broken, must glue on)
    - Stock front magnet must stay in
    - No rear magnets allowed
    - No additional weight allowed

    No other modifications will be allowed. The cars will be inspected prior to the race. Our goal is to keep the cars as close to stock as possible. I have reached out to Dave Kennedy to see if Carrera would like to be involved in this event. At a minimum, we will have at least four drivers for the race, but I am planning on five. Video of the race will be uploaded to YouTube for everyone to view. This is my first experience with any kind of proxy. So everyone just try and bare with me! Please sign up by replying on this thread and declaring which DTM car you will be sending in. Thanks!

    1. Buspor63: Red Audi RS5 #20 - Paid
    2. Lancelotalove: Custom Painted BMW M4 - Paid
    3. Czar: Orange and white #10 STIHL - Paid
    4. Steven R. : BMW M4 - ICE Marco Wittman - Paid
    5. Sandy Kerr - 30739 Crowne Plaza BMW M4 - Paid
    6. Slotcarspacesolutions sponsor car - 30710 Custom Painted - Paid
    7. Lois - Pink BWT Mercedes #22 Lucas Auer - Paid
    8. Charley - Yellow #16 BMW M4 Timo Glock - Paid
    9. Dylan (DC) - Audi-A5 Rockenfeller #1- Paid


    After a long day of racing, the Limited Edition race is officially in the books. I want to thank everyone that participated in this race. It was a successful event with a lot of great racing. Now let's get on to the details of the event.

    The goal was to start racing at 1pm, but we ran into issues with HSSRMS. After a lot of testing, we were unable to get it to work properly. So we ended up using SmartRace. The problem was that it put us behind trying get HSSRMS to work properly, and then on top of that one of the guys that was suppose to shown up and race with us was a no show. We hung around for a bit to wait and see if we could get a fifth driver. It ended up being just four of us driving, Andrew (Drewbert34), Cas, Joey and myself. Long story short, we ended up starting the race around 2:30 (way too late :? )

    Since there were only 9 cars signed up, we added in three cars of our own that were built according to the rules so that the number of cars was divisible by the number of drivers. They were essentially ghost cars and of course not eligible for the prize. This was done so that four races wouldn't have to be just one car, as that would not have been fair to the other cars and no fun for us.

    Here is the format that we ended up using.

    12 Cars / 4 Drivers
    - The 12 cars were randomly split into groups of 4
    - Each group of cars then had 4 heats
    - Each car would be driven by each driver once
    - Each car would start from each starting grid position (1-4)
    - After the 12 heats, the top 8 cars with the most laps advanced to the next round
    - The process was then repeated for the remaining 8 cars
    - After the next 8 heats, the top 4 cars with the most laps advanced to the final round
    - The final round with 4 cars was then repeated with each driver driving each car once and the cars rotating grid positions
    - All the heat races were 30 laps with no fuel simulation or pit stops


    After the round of 12, these 8 advanced

    Dylan (DC)
    Steven R
    Sandy Kerr
    SlotCarSpaceSolutions sponsor car

    After the round of 8, these 4 advanced

    Steven R
    Sandy Kerr

    The final 4 was absolutely a dog fight. It was such a close finish! 1st and 2nd both finished on the same lap, and then 3rd and 4th also finished on the same lap. The tiebreaker throughout the proxy was where the cars was on the track at the end of the race, as the we had the power cut as soon as the leader finished the race with 30 laps. 3rd and 4th were separated by about half a lap, and 1st and 2nd were only separated by about 10 ft. I proudly present the top 4 finishers,

    1. Czar
    2. Sandy Kerr
    3. Steven R
    4. Charley

    A huge congrats to Czar for taking home the victory of the first proxy race here at Snyderville Speedway and taking home the prize! :auto-checkeredflag:

    Here is a picture of where the cars were when the final heat ended,

    You can see how close 1st (orange car) and 2nd (grey car) were.

    Here is a shot of your winner in victory lane,

    Here are the podium finishers,

    And a few pre-race shots,

    What a day of racing it was. As I mentioned earlier, we didn't get started racing until 2:30, and we didn't finish until 10:30 last night. It was a lot of work, and at the end of the day everyone was exhausted. However, we got it done and had a great time in the process.

    As for video, I will be editing and posting the videos from the final 4 heats that decided the top 4.

    Again, I want to thank everyone that participated in this race. It was a great time, and I look forward to doing it again in the future.

    [BBvideo 640,480][/BBvideo]

    [BBvideo 640,480][/BBvideo]

    [BBvideo 640,480][/BBvideo]

    [BBvideo 640,480][/BBvid
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    Bump, we still need at least two more participants!


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      I know you posted this in the digital and proxy forums- but why not post it in the Carrera forum? You may get some response.


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        Originally posted by b.yingling View Post
        I know you posted this in the digital and proxy forums- but why not post it in the Carrera forum? You may get some response.
        I honestly didn't even think about that. I'll post it there as well. Thanks!


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          Updated with more info. We are less than a month out from this race. Don't miss out!