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Track call buttons wired directly to the CU

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    Knocked this out yesterday. The most difficult part was finding room for the 1/8 mono female other words, it was straight forward / simple.

    What I like best about this, is that it frees up the port on my tablet, that was used for my previous track call setup. Now, I can have a wired connection to my TV using any tablet or phone. I am currently using Chromecast and was using a Fire Stick to cast to, but had technical difficulties with both at times. With everything wired, I can just turn everything on and race!


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        Wanted to add...

        If a person does a lot of racing using ghost cars this setup is the crickets ticket!


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          Finally wired this up. 6 buttons around the track perimeter, could not have been easier.
          Looking to institute a pentalty for crashing by way of a couple second delay. Easy enough to program that up but hopefully can put together a simple circuit to do the job without the Arduino. Variable timing delay even better, we will see.