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  • What to do next??

    I recently purchased slashed inherited a large Ninco track that also included a complete N-digital setup. After much futzing an a lot of trail and error I was able to get system up and running some what.
    So yes Mr Flippant racing digital is a pretty cool even if it has a few issues. So I have 2 question for the group.
    With current state of Ninco's future up in the air especially it's digital. Should I cut my loses now and just go with Oxigen system right down to upgrading all of my lane changers?
    Or do I rely on the kindness of strangers and hope that I am able to continue locating one chip at a time?? But even in the best of times that supply will dry up. So again I say what to do next.

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    Go with the Oxigen system. It seems to be the only system that has enough fore thinking to make it more useful as a digital track in the future. Carrera has stopped doing anything in digital except to pump out cars. Carrera won't/can 't even make a decent app to count laps. Scalextric has never seemed serious about digital. As you have pointed out, Ninco seems to be on lifes upport, at least in the States. Oxigen is the system that I think will be the surviver if digital survives at all.