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Major oXigen dongle and controller release

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  • Major oXigen dongle and controller release


    New oXigen firmware released. This is a VERY IMPORTANT UPGRADE for Dongle AND Controllers

    BOTH Dongle AND Controllers MUST be upgraded (actually, things may work if you don't, but with no guarantee whatsoever.)

    What's new?

    Dongle rel. 2.14 vs 2.30

    1 - each packet from the dongle to the controller is resent if the first one isn't answered to.

    Controller rel 2.26 vs 2.30

    1 - receiving end modified to handle point 1 above

    2 - much improved synchronization on both frequencies.

    3 - we have REMOVED the possibility to select system type from the controller as it caused a lot of confusion as racers tried inadvertently to change ID by pressing all buttons rather than two.

    Much work has gone into making sure that the connection between dongle and SCPs is as robust as it can be and we're very happy of the way the system behaves now.

    The aforementioned link is now much, much more reliable: not only more stable, but we've also doubled the number of packets exchanged, which means it's less prone to be influenced by external 2.4 GHz sources. It works even if one of the two frequenciesis totally jammed.
    It is our belief now that quite a few car issues were in fact caused by communication issues between the controller and the dongle.

    For the user, this means that the SCPs pick up the ball quickly and (take it with a pinch of salt of course) never drop it, in normal and even harsh conditions.
    Lap counting and timing, pit lane detection, and all data transfer happens more quickly. In other words you should end up with a better, more stable, and more responsive environment.

    We're working with Martin or RCS02 to fix one small compression issue which is preventing the Bootloader from automatically recognizing the new firmware, however, the files can be found at this link and can be used already

    ROADMAP for the next few days / weeks

    - Fix a bug in the ARC PRO firmware

    - Upgrade ARC PRO firmware to the same 2.30 specs

    - Revise Car firmware (it will require a new controller firmware)

    - Roll out Type C and SCP3

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    Just in case some users read this that are considering buying ARC PRO I think this statement might help:


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      I'm assuming you mean the one that says that this stuff only applies to those using ARC products for oXigen functionality, and has no bearing or effect on those using ARC products as shipped from the factory.


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        the post earlier today at sci

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