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  • glad still works

    please tell greg k from across pond
    since he has never even sent question about it
    surprised he posted his uninformed opinion

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    Hehe, I don't think he denies that it works. There's no reason it wouldn't. I think he was just taunting you. That's what he does, and he's really good at it. He gets my goat on the regular. At this point, I just report his taunts to the mods, instead of respond directly to them. The important point, though, is to be very picky about what you report, so that you don't report everything and end up on the bad side of the mods for over-reporting.


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      thanks MrFlippant for info

      and advice

      only scaly england response was surprising
      but does explain their current situation


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        Iím glad you copied my idea Gorp. You must like it. But to be honest who uses it? And who cares?



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          It still works well for me and allowed pb6 and pb4 users to run analog too

          well now comes arc pro and they want to know how to use their curved changers with it

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            GLAD update: - new Scalextric Rev H DPR chip (only just out) is ideal for chipping lanes. Ran some awesome motors using GLAD - PARMA international 132 drawing a lot of Amps...


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              good hearing from you Riko

              been following your great work at sf
              your mod arc pro with mod snip snip curved changers looks ideal for analog glad if single lane racing is eliminated
              but figure you are working on other ideas
              blagard over on mother scaly forum under app has found way to mod curves to use with stock arc pro
              you should check it out


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                update for sf readers

                sorry unable to gain entry there ever since mac and address changed
                and have tired of asking sf to change it
                so maybe best for us all that just read there

                saw the discussion on glad recently
                my apology for earlier writing style
                can barely understand some of it now
                but tests being shown were for 4 car lap counter conversion per scaly request
                after being sent box of returned counters and that did not go well

                a lot of development postings are locked in sci vault but got in one day to copy it
                rest is still here on sci home page thanks to Mr Smith under articles, how to with my poor pictures that can lead to more postings here

                did note that injector claimed it was his idea
                actually only thing ever heard from him was to stick a fuse on it
                believe it was yingling of carrera forum who had done it earlier with that brand
                so tried it for scaly since we had no scaly digital/analog in those days
                not as easy as it sounded but
                went from out of track requirements to in track power base having more changes needed

                today with sf mod to arc pro, glad would definitely solve the analog problem,
                out or in track but power separate lanes must be maintained
                cost would be about $50 per analog lane
                after trying 4 plus lanes of digital and analog found best was 3 and 9/10 track with 2 and 9/10 digital and 3 lanes analog but did require more track pieces

                currently just messing around with arc pro without app but...
                while 4 car glad modified digital lap counter is used along with stock scaly analog counter for those functions

                hope this reduces the confusion and claims at sf about glad


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                  Originally posted by gorp View Post

                  did note that injector claimed it was his idea
                  actually only thing ever heard from him was to stick a fuse on it

                  hope this reduces the confusion and claims at sf about glad


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                    Originally posted by gorp View Post

                    did note that injector claimed it was his idea
                    actually only thing ever heard from him was to stick a fuse on it

                    hope this reduces the confusion and claims at sf about glad


                    Just to clear your confusion....Here’s a wireless version I put in forums in late 2006. First ever Scorpius (produced Nov 2006) chip into Australian analogue driver station around 2 years before you.

                    Rick Field
                    Scorpius Wireless
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                      sorry Rick

                      but do not recognize what you are trying to show in your blah pic

                      funny you want to claim glad that have said before believe was done first to carrera digital
                      and just figured out how to add analog it to scaly digital
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                        Plageurism is an offence. Again the picture shows a Scorpius DIGITAL chip plugged into an analogue driver station. It drives an analogue car on an analogue track. No it was not done on Carrera first. If it was then it can’t posibly be your idea. Note how simple it is compared to your copy? Maybe that’s why you can’t recognise it.

                        I don’t have a problem with you posting my ideas if a credit is shown at the end of your article.

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                          impressed Rick

                          never knew your scorpus chip was a direct replacement for scaly and slotit chip for the scaly digital system
                          bet it sold for less than those two so it must have been a big seller and was reason never saw it around here in hobby shops or at standard slot net vendors

                          just so you understand, glad does NOT drive an analog car on an analog track, as you said scorpus does in place of direct wiring analog
                          however glad drives any car , digital or analog, on a scaly digital track using scaly digital controllers and scaly digital power base and scaly digital power pack

                          so congratulations on inventing adding a scorpus scaly chip to an analog track to run an analog car
                          not going to blow $17 plus tax to see what that actually does for analog racing
                          but will admit to having told racers to buy a parma econ controller to run their analog toys but do not believe they make them any more

                          never claimed to have invented glad, just put it together with chips and wires and with a big drum roll thanks again to your suggestion to use a fuse

                          thought your scorpus system cost only a few dollars when it was quickly released way back when
                          while glad was just a simple how to solution to convert scaly digital to analog for FREE

                          now curious why after all these years that you are suddenly interested in trying to claim glad
                          maybe solution to arc pro or you need to use it with scorpus ?
                          you can use it all you like because again it is FREE
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