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scaly arc pro guide released

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  • scaly arc pro guide released

    this is going to be awesome

    btw this news out first at sci and as of now not up yet across pond at sf
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    Can you provide a link? I believe it's ok, since they have a sponsored forum, here.
    Mainly I'm hoping you found a functional link somewhere. The one I found, on the ARC Pro info page, gives me a 404 not found error. Clicking on the menu at the top to get to manuals just reloads the page. I can't find the manual download itself.


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      I got the same error


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        arc pro now available in states per scaly ad

        usa ad that is, not in old world yet

        the set up guide is to the left of click to find usable devices or something like that
        had got the 404 error for last few days after discovering the guide click
        then it worked yesterday

        wow mr flippant you already have it and did not say a word here
        eagerly awaiting your videos
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          Yes. I didn't want to brag, since I literally JUST got it, and have had no time to play with it.
          The hard copy of the guide is pretty basic. Connect it and use it kind of thing. Very little detail. The app itself, I guess, has all the detail one needs... yeah.
          I'll make a video, but I'll probably not go into great detail other than for the stuff that is added in the Pro version. The vast majority of features are already present in the Air version, and I went over them extensively in the video I made for that. But yes... I'll do something.

          Still can't find the on-line version of the guide, though. Feel free to past the actual link that gets the file itself, Jo... Gorp.


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            scaly usa home page
            arc pro is first item
            click explore more
            scroll down to bottom left download quick start and click
            just tested and downloaded another copy

            personally think you are making mistake by bypassing features you previously discussed under arc one and air
            someone will do it and that will be the go to guide for arc pro


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              I'm fine with someone else making the go to guide for ARC Pro, so long as there is one.
              I appreciate your input, and I will take it under consideration.

              The link you directed to is the same one I tried this morning. It is now working. Hopefully it continues to work. Here is a direct link:


              Which will probably be no good in a matter of weeks or months as their, clearly VERY intelligent, web designers decide to move or remove content for some future update to the site.


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                yea showing 404 again

                hey can you please confirm if power packs required are same as pb4 and apb ?

                twigman r u ?
                today at scaly site had same explanation for apb /unmodified curved changers problem as you posted at sf today

                can you please explain what 3 grid straights included in arc pro set are ?
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                  Same power as 4pb and apb.
                  Grid sections are starting straights.


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                    thank you MrFlippant

                    have a nice day


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                      Scaly ARC Pro ?

                      With the Scaly C7042 you were able to program the cars to 1/2 speed ! Will that also be possible with the new ARC PRO ?


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                        Yes. There are power options as well as throttle curves built into the app.


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                          Scaly ARC PRO

                          As per usual good info ! Thanks


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                            Mr F,

                            Any chance of you setting up your set and letting us know what you think?

                            Best regards,


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                              I've played a little, and like it, but I haven't had the time to set it up and run a proper race. I'll have a real stress test on the 11th when I use it for an event.

                              I still don't think it's a replacement for the APB for those who have one of those and use a PC for race control. At least, not until the needed information is made available to app developers to make their own apps, or Scalextric enhance the features with things like tire wear based on brake usage, and fuel use based on throttle level. Both are currently linked directly to number of laps, and so is exactly the same for everyone on the track, even with different power levels and throttle curves.