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Modifying Scalextric lane change turns

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  • Modifying Scalextric lane change turns

    I noticed when I started looking at the scalextric turn lane changes that they are the same blank and they can mount the powered pieces on either end when they sell the different models(turn in or out). I started to take apart and reverse the current piece of track but when I put it back together the flippers did not work to change the lane and just held open. I looked over the wiring, but I think it is the small half straight that senses the car that may be the issue? Has anyone tried to do this before and do they have any advice?

    I tried to load a picture but can't make it that small and still make anything out.

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    You might have missed the part where there is a pin fixing the (original) exit flipper. If you just moved all the stuff over to the other end without removing the pin that's holding the exit flipper in place, then you have the electronics trying to move an immovable flipper. It can be pretty tricky to remove the pin, because you have to get a solid grip on it from the back side, and there is a rib around it to prevent exactly that. I usually use an X-Acto to trim the little ridge around the pin, then some vice grips to get a hold on the pin. Then gently but firmly turn it around and around while also pulling gently. The flipper will get stopped by the rail, and the pin will loosen as you force it past that point, eventually allowing it to work out all the way.

    You can then put the pin in the original entry flipper, or just toss the pin and let the (new) exit flipper move freely. I usually just toss the pin.

    Good luck!


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      Thanks for the quick reply. I am not understanding. When I moved everything to the other side the flipper on the other side was moveable, not pinned in place. If I manually place the flipper in the open position(not lane change) and push the button on the controller it will flip and do the lane change. However, it won't flip back to the open position once the car passes.

      If that makes sense.


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        Scalextric lane changers do not reset after a car passes through. The next car that passes over the sensor tells the flipper if it's wanting to change as well, or continue straight. The flipper will then move to the appropriate position.

        It sounds like it is working normally, but test by placing the car on the sensor track with the LED lined up with the sensor. The flipper will want to move every second or so. As you press the LC button on the controller, the flipper will switch to the change position. Release the button and on the next attempt it should straighten. You could also just drive the car over it testing straight and change in turn.


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          I have done that and it just sticks to the lane changing direction. Every car after the first one just goes to the alternate lane and it never resets. I have checked to make sure it is still hooked up to the relays that move the flipper and all that looks good. If I manually move it back to not lane change it is fine until I lane change and then it is stuck.


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            Well, that certainly indicates a problem. I assume you've made sure that both of the solenoids have their pins in them, and that both pins are securely in the little black plastic thing that enables them to pull the flipper back and forth? That might be worth checking, as sometimes they can fall out during the process of closing it all back up and flipping it over. Some people even go so far as to put a tiny drop of glue where the pin hooks into the black plastic bit to keep it from coming apart.

            If that's not it, then it's probably an electrical issue with the solenoid on that side. The sensor clearly works. It's also worth cleaning the connection pin between the two track pieces. I would use some INOX MX3 on a q-tip, but if you haven't purchased that yet (BUY SOME!) some other contact cleaner should suffice.


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              Alright, I will give it a try. Thanks again for all your help. You have really helped me avoid some real headaches when I switched to ARC PRO.