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    I could use your expert advice - I'm new to Digital systems for 1/32
    Opinions or comments welcome. Links to comparisons would be useful.
    Any preferences?



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    Try this link but there are many others too.

    If you have the room, Carrera is the way to go IMO.




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      As much as I enjoy those polls, they're not indicative of anything more than what systems the people who use this forum and take polls have. But, it does give a good indication of which systems are the most popular.

      As Bruce said, if you have the space for it, Carrera is a great system. I don't have the space for a permanent Carrera track, so Scalextric is the better choice for me. I've also grown quite accustomed to some of the features it supports that Carrera does not. The same can be said by people who prefer Carrera. Either way, you won't regret it.


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        Where are you from and what do those you race with run on?

        For me, it was Scaley because of space at first and the availability at my LHS. Stayed because of the features and that is what those here that I "race" with use.


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          It really depends on a lot of requirements. Scalextric is what I use. It's fine, good for small tracks and available easily in the UK. It will not run more than 6 cars. If you want to run more than 6 cars you probably need Slot.It Oxygen or Scorpius. Both are much more expensive than Scalextric by a long margin.
          Carrara is not that popular in the UK and is not the best for small tracks (8 ft by 6 ft type small) as it is bigger track and wider radius corners.

          The availability of Race management systems is again an issue if you need one. I use SSDC but there is RCS64 again both available for Scalextric. Scorpius and Oxygen are playing catch up but are not there yet. They may by their nature end up better but again at a price.

          What I think can be said is that the digital systems are now all pretty reliable, so that is probably not an issue.

          I suggest you look at what you want to do and then decide. There are probably no bad solutions its more which one is right for you. I love Scaley R1,s but not everybody loves them. Its the same with the main digital solutions.

          Technically there is another solution which is BLS but again you would need t oask specifically about that system. Not sure it appeals to me but that is just personal opinion, I like to have control of when I change lanes (control Freak)?


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            the future may be more universal

            due to long awaited slot it chip for racing on scaly ,carrera, and o2 digital tracks
            but will cost more


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              Originally posted by UshCha View Post
              Technically there is another solution which is BLS but again you would need t oask specifically about that system. Not sure it appeals to me but that is just personal opinion, I like to have control of when I change lanes (control Freak)?
              BLST (which is what you meant, I believe) is not a control system for the cars. It controls the lane changing based on a predefined racing line and where the cars are in relation to one another. You still need the underlying car control system for a BLST track. David Caille (inventor of BLST and owner of Sillage Racing) can build his tracks using any digital system you want, including all of the ones so far mentioned in this thread.

              Let's leave the whole BLST thing out of this thread, though, if we could. It is only likely to cause confusion. Once the OP closes in on which system he wants, he can always explore a BLST track if his budget permits.


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                not a digital guy

                I started with Scalextric, but switched to Carrera because I wanted to run 1/24 scale. Scalextric was much better for 1/32 as the racemanagement systems were much better, in my opinion. Also space should be a consideration. Small space, Scaley. Large space Carrera.


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                  I recently got on board with the Scalextric ARC PRO wireless system...I am very impressed with the system, and after some teething issues, the 3rd party developed MAGIC app that is available for free as my preferred Race Management System. Wireless controllers were a big plus for me. As was the ability to display the race leaderboard on a wall mounted TV for everyone to see.

                  I think both Scalextric and Carrera are fine options...for me, I am not a fan of plunger type controllers, I liked the smaller track footprint of Scalextric, and I don't race 1/ Carrera was not my ideal choice. Not saying it is bad, just different strokes for different folks.

                  Also, YouTube is a great resource to see how things work and look in the real world. I watched a bunch of videos before making my decision.