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WHO/digital 2019 - all the action from the Barn

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  • WHO/digital 2019 - all the action from the Barn

    Our 2019 Scalextric digital season start tonight! It's exactly five years since we added 1/32 scale digital racing to our standard HO analogue formats at Worthing HO Racing (hence WHO/digital).

    The digital racing has evolved and attendances grown - making digital converts of some of our HO club members and also some local 1/32 and 1/24 scale analogue club racers. We now use RCS64 race management software and the Truspeed / SCS wireless controller system.

    The five Wednesday evenings - from January to July - are a great introduction, with a club car team race followed by a Trans-Am pairs competition. Then the four full-day Saturdays ratchet up the action with up to eight events during an exhilarating day.

    The full 14-page pdf guide to our 2019 racing - including formats, build-guidelines and information about the hardware and software - is on our website:

    I'll post up the video from this year's events so you can see how we get on.

    Coverage of our 2018 racing is here:

    The first half of 2017 is here:

    And the early years here:

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    Digital Wednesday - January 2019
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      I love what you have going over there. Doesn't seem possible over here.


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        Thanks MrF

        I do think an important factor in WHO/digital taking off was a big slice of luck - a whole load of stars aligning at the same time... We had a nice, friendly and established HO club with a cheap venue and good attendances; a generous digital benefactor in Mike D who bravely loaned all his digital kit; support from Adrian at Scalextric to run a round of the Scalextric World Championship and all the fabulous publicity that gave us in the land where Scalextric = slot cars; plus absolute and active support from the club 'hierarchy'.

        Five years later, we still have the Digital Wednesdays with a half-and-half crowd of local HO regulars and digital specialists, but the Saturdays have developed into a more hard-core digital experience with less HO club members and a few people travelling longer distances to attend (although not from the Pacific Northwest - yet). It did take us a few years to find our feet, but those early lucky breaks kept the momentum going. There was an opportunity and we grabbed it.


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          And I hope continues for years to come!


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            February Nascar and Trans-Am...

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              Here's some of the action from last night's racing...


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                Good vid! That's a great venue, you can still imagine the slot racers of yore driving their model cows and sheep around there.