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WHO/digital 2019 - all the action from the Barn

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  • WHO/digital 2019 - all the action from the Barn

    Our 2019 Scalextric digital season start tonight! It's exactly five years since we added 1/32 scale digital racing to our standard HO analogue formats at Worthing HO Racing (hence WHO/digital).

    The digital racing has evolved and attendances grown - making digital converts of some of our HO club members and also some local 1/32 and 1/24 scale analogue club racers. We now use RCS64 race management software and the Truspeed / SCS wireless controller system.

    The five Wednesday evenings - from January to July - are a great introduction, with a club car team race followed by a Trans-Am pairs competition. Then the four full-day Saturdays ratchet up the action with up to eight events during an exhilarating day.

    The full 14-page pdf guide to our 2019 racing - including formats, build-guidelines and information about the hardware and software - is on our website:

    I'll post up the video from this year's events so you can see how we get on.

    Coverage of our 2018 racing is here:

    The first half of 2017 is here:

    And the early years here:

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    Digital Wednesday - January 2019
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      I love what you have going over there. Doesn't seem possible over here.


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        Thanks MrF

        I do think an important factor in WHO/digital taking off was a big slice of luck - a whole load of stars aligning at the same time... We had a nice, friendly and established HO club with a cheap venue and good attendances; a generous digital benefactor in Mike D who bravely loaned all his digital kit; support from Adrian at Scalextric to run a round of the Scalextric World Championship and all the fabulous publicity that gave us in the land where Scalextric = slot cars; plus absolute and active support from the club 'hierarchy'.

        Five years later, we still have the Digital Wednesdays with a half-and-half crowd of local HO regulars and digital specialists, but the Saturdays have developed into a more hard-core digital experience with less HO club members and a few people travelling longer distances to attend (although not from the Pacific Northwest - yet). It did take us a few years to find our feet, but those early lucky breaks kept the momentum going. There was an opportunity and we grabbed it.


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          And I hope continues for years to come!


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            February Nascar and Trans-Am...

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              Here's some of the action from last night's racing...


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                Good vid! That's a great venue, you can still imagine the slot racers of yore driving their model cows and sheep around there.


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                  The Barn certainly pre-dates slot cars (and the United States of America)...

                  The Barn was built in 1771 and was originally thatched, but this was in poor condition and replaced by the present tiled roof. The Barn was built for George Jupp a local farmer. The name Jupp is uncommon, largely found in East and West Sussex. The Barn and outbuildings is Grade 2 listed and its main features are:
                  • A five bay barn with rear aisle, former farm building attached to the left.
                  • Barn interior has original timber work, including aisle posts on pad stones.
                  • Aisle post dated MH 1771.
                  • Straight brace to arcade and tie beams, queen strut roof trusses, staggered butt purlins and old rafters.
                  • Coursed flint stone with red brick dressings, with two tiers of vents.
                  • Original cart entrance masked by front 20th century porch.
                  • Original rear cart entrance now blocked by cobblestones with added bell under canopy.
                  • Pantile roof.


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                    Here's the latest digital action from the Barn...


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                      June 2019 Digital Saturday Poster.jpg
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                        It was a fabulous day of Scalextric digital racing at the Barn yesterday...


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                          That Suzuka is epic!


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                            Man, it must be awesome to have a club with so many racers!


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                              Thanks chaps! We run five Wednesday evenings at the start of the year which require no-one to bring their own cars, just to have some curiosity about digital racing. We run a club car team race and then Trans-Am pairs race, making the evening as exciting and accessible to newcomers as possible. Nine people have tried digital for the first time this year on the Wednesday evenings, plus one more returning for the first time since we started using RCS64 and the wireless controllers. One of the newcomers came along - with new BTCC and GT4 cars - to our first digital Saturday and is now officially 'hooked' :-)

                              Our final Wednesday of the year is in two weeks time, followed by three Saturdays in the autumn.

                              July 2019 Digital Wednesday Poster.jpg