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    Hello all.

    I'm finally going to have room to start working on a slot car setup. I am interested in the digital sets as I like to be able to race 6 cars on a two lane track. I also like that I can do fuel, tires, weather etc.

    My question is...What company should I go with. I had SCXD back in the day and thought it was fine, but it appears like that company isn't around or just not supporting it. I was looking at either Scalextric or Carrera. Can anyone give me some pros and cons of each?

    I think I'm leaning Scalextric but I saw somewhere that the ARC app tracks fuel by laps run and not throttle input. It's not a deal breaker but it is something kind of lame.

    Any input would be great.

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    You'll be happy with either one, Scalextric or Carrera. Consider what kinds of cars you'll run, if you'll get into 1/24 cars or not, for example, and/or what types each maker provide so you don't have to install chips in too many off-brand cars. You can't get as much track or as big of a variety of turns in the same space with Carrera as you can with Scalextric, especially if you include the border/skirt needed for proper racing, especially without magnets for traction, so your available space for a layout might also impact your choice.

    There is an alternative to the Scalextric ARC App called MAGIC ARC App that is much better, and does fuel not just based on laps. There are alternatives to the OEM Carrera race app as well.

    They both have pros and cons, features the other doesn't have, but both share many features and great racing can be had on both systems.

    It's also worth considering access to local stores and what products they sell, not to mention other racers that might already be using one of those systems. If you get Carrera, and then find a group or even just one other racer that's already set up with Scalextric, you'll end up wishing you got Scalextric, or vice versa. Better to look at that before you drop the money on a system that might be incompatible with someone else nearby that you might end up racing regularly with.


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      Greg pretty much hit it on the head. Try and find out if anyone in your area is running a particular brand. That will make for a possible get together. Again they both are about the same with Carrera having a bigger footprint for the option of running 1/24 cars in the future (Or start that way ). You really can't go wrong with either setup.


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        Thanks. My initial space will be about 4'x8' so it sounds like Scalextric may be the way to go. 1/24 doesn't interest me as I think the 1/32 is a nice size. I assume it makes sense to start with the ARC PRO set and expand from there?


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          Based on that, I would say yes. Get yourself an ARC Pro set, and go from there. There are a lot of 4x8 track plan ideas out there, some of which manage to include a pit lane as well.


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            I do like the ARC PRO for the fun it offers, simply. More complicated and seemingly touchy systems are out there. Fuel and tires make a race more complete.


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              at 4x8 Scalextric is the way to go.